MacGyver Christmas Decorating

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decking the halls sometimes takes a little creative tinkering, especially if you want to be able to UN-decorate without leaving a permanent reminder of your festive display.

christmas mantle

You may remember that I recently re-painted my living room mantel and there is no way I’m going to risk putting nails into this pristine white surface. Attaching the garland and the stockings seemed a bit tricky… until I channeled my inner MacGyver and raided my sewing stash.

Enter the ball head straight pin.

I inserted a row of pins where the mantel meets the wall, then used fishing line to attach the garland, lights and stockings. By placing the pins every ten inches or so, the weight of the hanging items could be evenly distributed. Of course, when Santa fills the stockings he’ll have to snip the line so the stockings don’t fall down with the extra weight. (All that coal for my naughty kids is pretty heavy.)


Next, I hung snowflakes from the ceiling using the same pins, with white heads. Betcha can’t see the pins at all.


Mac would be proud.


cowboycentral said...

MacGyver would be proud. (Was that a great show or what.) Looks very festive.

Lisa Fowler Windsor, CO said...

Brilliant! and Beautiful!!

The Peterson Family said...

The only thing missing is a little duct tape!! Looks fabulous.

stampmom said...

You crack me looks great. Like I always say (quoting Eleanor Roosevelt) Do what you can with what you've got where your are!

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