Oh so fussy

Friday, January 21, 2011

believe card

Fussy Cutting is stamping lingo for intricate cut out pieces. The dictionary defines Fussy this way:


adj. fuss·i·er, fuss·i·est

1. Easily upset; given to bouts of ill temper: a fussy baby.

2. Paying great or excessive attention to personal tastes and appearance; fastidious: He was always fussy about clothes.

3. Calling for or requiring great attention to sometimes trivial details: a fussy actuarial problem.

4. Full of superfluous details: "It can indeed be fussy, filling with ornament what should be empty space" (H.D.F. Kitto).

Is it just me, or am I seeing a bit of self-description here? Sigh.


Fussy Cutting Card


Chris said...

Love, love the colors and layout here. It's good to be fussy! :)

Haley D. said...

Beautiful card! If you're fussy, then it's definitely ONLY in a good way.

Trisha Morton said...

Love that rockin' n rollin'! It's been said, but it's worth repeating ~ FABULOUS!

Lena said...

Wow card, beautiful, and could go on but you know it is wonderful card. I also want to invite you to my blog so you can enter a Custom made Apron by me. Enter at lenascraftsblogspot.com

Berenice R. said...

Beautiful card! :)

saday said...

I love fussy cutting! I love rock and rollin'! I LOVE YOUR CARD!!

Jayma Malme said...

LOVE this card! I'm always so inspired by you, so I left you a blog award on my blog :)

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