Technical Difficulties, Darn!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well that was a total waste of make-up. My ustream show last night was a bust. I don't know what was going on, but my computer wouldn't log onto the website properly and I could not broadcast. After 30 minutes of trying everything I could think of, I had to postpone the class. Next Wednesday I'll be sharing how to create a painted canvas background for a home decor scrapbooking project.

I finally managed to get into the website later, and recorded a small video. If nothing else, you'll be entertained by my little helper.

And for the person who left a one star rating on the video. Shame on you. It's not like I planned to have problems, believe me.


Katie said...

aahahaha I love that last sentence.. Shame on them indeed.. You give free classes that are awesome and always inspire me.. FOR FREE :P

I look forward to next week! :D Thanks for always doing classes for us! and inspiring us to get our hands dirtied up too!

stampmom said...

Ban them from your fabulousness!!! Those with no sense of humor have no business hanging with you and your loyal subjects LOL

ALessner said...

Im so sorry about the class not working out. cant wait till next week.

Dinahsoar said...

I have been unable to view any of your recorded U Stream the past I had no problem at all. I have no idea what has changed...I researched it and can't come up with any way to fix it. Even your video on this post is black.

Tresa Black said...

I'm sorry to hear that! According to the ustream help center, usually this is caused by a firewall on your computer. Here is the info on how to allow ustream videos to get past your firewall:
I sure hope that helps!

Dinahsoar said...

FINALLY figured out why I could no longer watch Ustream...I'd changed the global settings...went back in, changed them to allow storage on my computer and can access the global setting manager by right clicking on the video screen...a menu will pop up and you'll see it on it and you will be taken to the website and able to review your settings making necessary changes...I stumbled upon this fix by accident after researching and trying every available suggestion--none of those worked.

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