Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Four wheelin’ fun. I suppose the fact that we have a snowplow on the front means we’re total rednecks, or just extremely practical.



Cindyroo said...

Love that...redneck or not. Looks like everyone's having fun. Nothing wrong with that.

Lu said...

Dear SG,

I was looking at the tutorial on the Pop-Up Treat Holder and wondered if you could tell me what that template item was that you used to make the oval cut-out. I loved it! Is it a set with the blade or are the items purchased separately? You are so much fun and I love to be inspired. Thanks!

Tresa Black said...

Lu, the cutting system is retired now, it was called a coluzzle. The manufacturer stopped making it. :(

Jessica said...

Hey that looks like us, is that a Foreman? That's what we have, and it has a plow on the front also. So if you are a redneck then I am redneck too! I am okay with that though it is so much fun and my kiddos love to hook up the sled and go for a ride!

Haley D. said...

Looks like fun for the whole family to me!

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