Buried in Black and Red

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Here’s why I have not been able to hold classes or broadcast live shows from my studio. I am up to my eyeballs in Creative University projects, and I don’t know if I’ll ever see my worktables again!

Can you guess the color scheme this year? Hmmm.. when I see it all laid out like this, it's beginning to look a bit like a Twilight party.


Create U, my annual retreat, is less than two weeks away, the clock is ticking! This is the fourth year that I have hosted this event, and it is the biggest year ever. 

Check it out: My good friend Chrissy, who is also one of the teachers for Creative University, has a fabulous (and hilarious) recount of last year’s Create U.


R said...

Wish I could make it to CU! It sounds like an amazing get-away full of fun, friendship, and creativity!

Dawn said...

I would *totally* go to your Twilight party! Looks amazing Tresa... looking forward to CU!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tresa,
I love your choice of fabric. I soooo wish I was closer to Spokane. I am very anxious to see what you do with all of your material for CU this year. I loved your idea of the fabric bags last year so much I copied it. I also bragged you up at our Vail crop. Many of my gals are now your followers. We all just wait for you to post something new.
Thanks so much for including us in your creativeness, (is that even a word).
Have a great time and take time to really enjoy your time with your gal pals.

Kandi said...

I can't wait!! I wouldn't mind the Twilight theme as long as Edward was there. ;) (Is it creepy that I'm 40 and oogling Edward?, lol)

Connie J Miller said...

Are those bags? If not what are they going to be? Love it. So jealous of the gals that are going.

Jeannie said...

Hello. I just discovered you today through a sevens steps to Kevin Bacon sort of way. One view of your kissing stamps video and I had to find your blog. That video alone had me hooked. I wasn't just impressed by how incredibly informative and clearly shot it is. The video is also entertaining and comes across as if it were made by a professional.

Simonetta Bois (Simmie) said...

I am so into Twilight! I have posters all over my craft room, have all the books and read them twice, seen all the movies so far, have all the movies and sound tracks. To go to a scrapbook function with a Twilight theam...why that's heaven!

Creatique Innovationz said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!!

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