Creative University Day 2 Highlights

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The first day of Creative University is an optional add-on, for relaxing and doing your own thing. Over half of the students choose this option, to arrive on Thursday and get to know each other, craft on their own time and settle into the camp. The next day, they’re ready for some action!  As the remainder of the students arrive on Friday, the camp starts buzzing with activity.

First up for scheduled activities, and new this year, the Card Boutique.

donna cards


Students visited at their leisure, assembling an assortment of cards designed by professors Donna Smith and Sheila Bennett.

card boutique

Theresa Marieke

The Boutique was open for 6 hours, and it was busy all day! Lots of happy students creating lots of beautiful cards.

Creative card crafting and fresh mountain air can work up a hearty appetite. Luckily, the food at camp is as fabulous as the artwork.

I created birdhouse centerpieces for each of our dining hall tables. Each birdhouse was different, and they blended so well with the gorgeous dining hall with huge peeled wood timbers and massive stone fireplace, some of the students may not have realized that the birdhouses weren’t a permanent fixture at camp.


At the end of the last evening meal on Saturday, we played a little game and the winners on each table received the birdhouse centerpiece as their prize.


After dinner on Friday, the students attended their first Creative Classes of the event.


Charming Jewelry class by Professor Erin Grotegut. Thanks to Erin’s creative teaching techniques, every student was able to complete this gorgeous necklace, those with no prior jewelry making skills!

nonaSB page

Scrapbook layout with pleated ribbon flower by Professor Nona Davenport. Along with looking cute as a button in her faux-hawk, one of Nona’s talents: she can create stunning pages that come together quickly and easily, with the perfect amount of embellishment, like this fabulous flower!

flower picture

Coming next, Saturday activities!


Haley D. said...

Wow! I thought the birdhouses were my favorite thing until I saw the necklace! ALL of the projects are wonderful!!!

Dawn said...

I love reliving the event through your photos and posts! CU 11 was so wonderful... thank you Tresa!

Corbs having FUNN said...

man I wish I would been faster at registration! Can I sign up NOW for next year? HA HA!!!!

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