Creative University Day 3 Highlights

Monday, February 28, 2011


Saturday at CU is the jam-packed with Creative Classes from breakfast until dinner. The students are kept busy with their scheduled activities all day, with a variety of techniques and projects.


Altered Clipboard class by Denise Anderson Turley.


Corner Bookmark card class by Jenn Royal.


Sewing techniques for Scrapbookers class by Christie Dunham.


The students were arranged in “sororities” to attend classes. This helped them move through their schedule without too much confusion about where to go and when to be there. The sorority names were Megha Inki, Lota Croppa, Alpha Stampa and Sighma Scrapha. Cute, right?

The professors at Creative University are hand-picked by me. Being a teacher at CU is a huge undertaking, and I’m a demanding boss. (hee hee!) The pay is lousy and the hours are long, but the fame and adulation from legions of CU students is totally worth it. (hee hee again). My professors receive hand-made thank you gifts, a small token of my appreciation. This year’s aprons were oh-so-sexy. At least I think so. And handy for crafting, with all the pockets. And showing off your fanny.

teacher apron

Teachers also received a humongous flower pin, that could be worn in their hair or attached to their clothing. Many layers of glitzy prom-dress fabric went into each flower, and each one was different. Want to make one? See my how-to here. I hope that my professors will get much more use out of their flower pin than they would from a prom dress.


Photo credits: Clipboard from Denise Anderson Turley, Fabric Flower from Erin Grotegut.


Christine David said...

Tresa - It was a "fabulous" event. Thank you so much for every precious ounce of energy you put into it and thank you to each of the teachers for their amazing projects.

Sheila Bennett said...

Thanks for everything! And I am looking forward to using my snazzy new 'tool belt' apron.

Creatique Innovationz said...

Can we say Ah-Mazing! The classes were so much Fun. CU Instructors are just Fabulously Funny, Entertaining, Talented and the class rotation was SUPER! Megha Inka stamping by to show some love and appreciation for all the hard work put into the educational aspects of CU.

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