Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fast food folk song by one of my fave youtube filmmakers, Rhett & Link.


Lisa said...

loved this. Can't believe the guy got everything right. Amazing!!

Sheila Bennett said...

Rhett and Link are great. Have you seen their ShamWow video? It is my favorite. :)

Amy said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! That was too funny. Their harmony was fantastic and the Taco Bell employees were great sports! Hope they can pay for their meal...and eat all of it too!!!

Corbs having FUNN said...

These two are on the What's In The Bible? series by the creator of veggietales!

So cool!!!!
I love your blog, Tresa!

Dawn said...

That's great! Ha! I was watching the order screen as they were singing! Very funny!

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