Bling Ring

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just a little something I whipped up to wear in a video.

bling ring

I don’t know about you, but I’m  not particularly fond of having my hands seen in HD and ultra close-up. But it’s part of the job when you’re making videos. Unless I hire a hand model who will work for stamps.

See, I’m not exactly a spring chicken (although I have been known to have a very juvenile sense of humor), and my nails are tools, not jewels. So I figure I can at least try to dress up the scene a little with some sparkle and glamour.

I’m thinking that the ring is a little lop-sided, but I don’t think I can cram any more beads into this baby, so I’m calling it done. Amazing what you can do with an inexpensive bag-o-beads, an adjustable ring and a whole lotta jump rings.

bling ring hand


Jennifer Perkins said...

ooooh, ooooooh, ooooohhh!!! *hand waving in the air* pick me, pick me!!! I'LL work for stamps.


your ring is adorable. my girls would love it. :o)

Romaine said...

Fab U Lous!!!!

Creatique Innovationz said...

Oohhh LaLa, I sooo love it Tresa, in fact I wished I knew how to make them ;) hint hint. Love the colors and I adore your modeling hands.

Kerie said...

I love it... please make a video on how to make these!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Those would be soooo fun to make with my girlfriends :-)

Sharon said...

I love it! I'm with Kerie too!

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