Watercolor Stamping

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

watercolor bird CU

This technique creates the appearance of a watercolor painted image with pen and ink accenting. It’s easier than you think!

I’m working on a video that will show this technique more in depth. Until that’s released, here’s a quick course on watercolor stamping…

watercolor bird

You will need a two-part stamp, with an outline and solid. I’m using Close to My Heart’s April Stamp of the Month. You only have a few more days to get this lovely set before it’s gone, and you can get it at a discount or even free with minimum qualifying purchase.

You’ll also need one or more dye inkpads (the card above uses Sunset and Juniper)  and a fine mist spray bottle filled with water.

There are two different ways that I like to use for the watercolor effect. It depends on how much water you use, and where you apply the water.

First, the direct-to-paper method. Ink up your stamp and set it aside. Spritz the cardstock with water, then stamp. This creates a very free-flowing watercolor with a lot of bleeding. More water on your cardstock equals more ink spread.


Don’t be afraid of how much the image runs, the final step makes the finished piece look very artistic. After your image dries thoroughly, stamp the outline stamp over the image, using a dark ink. This gives the effect of a pen-and-ink watercolor drawing.

The second method is more subtle. In this version, you spray the water onto your inked stamp, then stamp on dry paper.


As you can see, this image is much more contained, the water color effect happens  on the stamped image but only bleeds a small amount outside the edges, if at all.

To complete this image, stamp the outline after the base has thoroughly dried. With minimal bleeding, you may choose to skip the outline stamp, for a softer look without the pen-and-ink sketch appearance.

I do not have the final images in still pictures for the sample above, sorry. The video will have them… coming soon!


Creatique Innovationz said...

I LOVE this technique Tresa. It is really neato :)

ALessner said...

This is really neat technique I cant wait to try it

Margaret Shank said...

Very nice technique. Now for something compleeetely different: CTMH has discontinued the foundry frames, right? WHYEEEE? I have been watching your 4x4 mini album with pockets tutorial, and the foundry frame finishes it off perfectly. Do you have any tucked away you'd be willing to sell? Know of anything similar offered by another company? That was such a cute product, I can't believe they got rid of it! XOXO, Margaret (made_maka@hotmail.com)

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