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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I’m a little font crazy. Okay, a lot. I can spend hours browsing websites for awesome fonts, and I’m as happy as a clam doing so.
I thought I’d share five of my faves, and they’re all free!
Today it’s all about  whimsical.
Here are a few whimsical styles I love!milkmoustachio
Milk Moustachio, (above) available at Abstract Fonts

Freeze! (above) available at Kevin and Amanda

Boingo (above) available at dafont.com

Fontdiner.com (above) available at Fontdiner.com

shelter me
Shelter Me (shown in all caps above) available at dafont.com


Kari Seals said...

Love the new blog look! I haven't posted in ages and was just sitting down to do so when you posted on FB! I feel like chatting with you tonight.. hmm.. I wonder why? LOL! Enjoy your free time tonight! : )

ALessner said...

The blog design is really cute. Boy Wednesday nights are boring now. lol I hope your doing great!!

ScrampingTita said...

I love the new banner and the fonts! TFS!

kathytypestoo said...

thanks for the new fonts. *love me some fonts*

Faye said...

Thanks for the new fonts. I'm always looking for some new ones to play with.

Creatique Innovationz said...

Tresa this looks fabulous!

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