Toasted Peeps, with a Color Lesson

Friday, May 13, 2011

toasted peeps left

Last year our family went camping over Easter weekend. The Easter bunny followed us, and left plastic eggs in the forest and baskets of goodies for the kids. We discovered a delicious treat…. marshmallow peeps toasted over a campfire. Mmmmm… carmelized sugar never tasted so good.

toasted peeps right

How about a little scrapbooking lesson on pulling color to customize a layout? If you look at my photos, there is nothing that looks spring-timey or flowery in the least bit. We were camping, so the colors are dark with browns and greens, lots of dirt and wood. If you are trying to coordinate your pictures to your paper, your first thought would be to pick a more outdoorsy theme.

But wait! It’s about Easter and peeps, so why can’t I have flowers and pink paper? As my husband says: “Nobody tells me what to do, not even ME!”

The key is how to pull it all together.

Here’s the layout, as it started out. This was the design that my students created in my March classes.

sophia layout Sorry ‘bout the big “crease”, I scanned the pages and pieced them together.

Anyhoo,  this is a darling color combo from the Sophia paper pack, but it’s just washed out when I plop down those dark camping photos.

The yellow of the peeps is the reason that these photos WILL work, since it is repeated in small amounts in the layout above. And since the layout isn’t so much about camping as it is about Easter in the woods and toasted peeps, I want the peeps to POP!

But it’s not enough to pull the entire layout together. The bold answer: black. I needed a color that was repeated in the photos to add as accents to my layout, without dramatically changing the look and feel of a spring-time theme.

Toasted Peeps

By adding a small amount of  black with the title and journaling, a few stamped black accents (stitching below the lower left photo, swirl in the upper right embellishment cluster) plus a row of black mini brads, it pulls the photos and page together so your eye sees the entire layout as one element.

So, don’t be afraid to go with color and theme first, then tie in the photos with a coordinating color accent.


Trisha Morton said...

What a great idea! (Not just the peeps - I hate those buggars, but could really get behind toasting some! Yum!) Many scrapbookers have this same dilemma, especially with themed or holiday photos. I love the black bits with Sophia!

ashlee said...

Such a cute layout!!!!! I havn't done a layout yet but Im going to use this one and use some birthday photos insted of peeps!! YAY TRESA!!

Lauren said...

Never thought to do that to I have to get some...if they are still around at the store. And, using the black letters gives it that toasted feel to the page too. Cool! :) Lauren

Haley D. said...

Fabulous layout, and I have to say that you have helped me create a "monster!" A friend of my MIL adores peeps (which I found out at Easter) so I shared how a friend of mine (you) had toasted them while camping. My friend promptly went home from church, lit a candle, and toasted her own peeps. She even called me to tell me how delicious they are! So, you will have to add to your layout that you have started a world-wide trend, toasted peeps!

The touch of black, especially the toasted title, really ties in well with the whole toasted peeps thing. I also really like how your black is used in three different places across the layout. Fabulous!

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

Stacy Julian has said to scrapbook the colors that tell the feelings of the layout, too, I think. Your layout is a good example. Springy and "Eastery", but with Tresa-twist.
Great post!

Gretel said...

Thank you for explaining the entire process that went into the choices for your completed layout. It really helps to understand your reasons for making those decisions. Keep up the fabulous work...and I do not use those words lightly:)

Kelli said...

What great layouts, CTMH is my FAV!!!! Pls pop by and visit my blog, there is candy avail right now.

Kelli said...

I have left and award for you on my blog!

Mommy said...

You are brilliant! Love the touches of black and how it does pull it all together! :)

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