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Monday, June 20, 2011

I've wanted to give my blog a makeover for ages, and it's going to get a bit messy around here.

This year will mark 5 years of the Fabulously Artsy blog. I've built it from the ground up, one piece at a time, but it's been looking a little haphazard and I'm long overdue for a careful reconstruction. I want my readers to be able to find everything they need on my blog without having to search all over.

I've been trying to get everything ready "behind the scenes" so I could reveal this awesome new blog look. But... I'm a hands-on kind of gal and I need to see it as it's going into place. I even set up a "test blog" so I could install stuff there first. But my current blog has so many customizations that the test blog wasn't duplicating this one.

So, I'm jumping in with both feet and making the changes right here, in front of your eyes. So things are getting moved, colors are changing, and basically it's going to look like a mess before it starts looking fabulous.

First step, I've reset the width and placed a temporary new header. The new header is cute and all, but it's not staying long. I'll be replacing it with a more colorful header soon.

Hang on folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride!


Michele said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. I am new to the blog world so I can feel your pain. Or your creativity. It's a fine line. he he!!!

Robin said...

No worries! I'm still trying to figure some things out on my blog too. I'll get to changing it up sometime in the future. Can't wait to see your finished page.


Lorrinda said...

Good luck with the reno! Can't wait to see the final look :) Fun Fun!
I've been wanting to change mine from a 2 column blog to a 3 column one for a while...but I have no idea how and I'm too lazy to figure it out.

ALessner said...

good luck with your blog.

Trisha Morton said...

The makeover is fantastic! Love the new look.

Creatique Innovationz said...

Awe I LOVE what your doing always so inspirational! Fabulously organized as always and I feel your pain in re-writing code, creating all these lovely linky's in your process. It is no easy feat by any means. I'm thrilled to see all these changes MUAH :* Congrats it is PEACHES!

Sheila Wilkerson said...

Its looking FABULOUS so far! Thanks for continuing to share and inspire us.

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