You CAN Have it Both Ways

Monday, June 27, 2011


In my enthusiasm for the ease and simplicity of Studio J, I frequently run into resistance from traditional scrapbookers. It’s often an “us” vs. “them” mentality. I’ll call this person “Sally Stick-in-the-mud.”

Sally thinks that people are either going to make pages with paper, scissors, glitter and glue, or they’re going to create digital pages. There’s a line in the sand and there’s no crossing it.

Sally, I’d like to suggest you erase that line.

I will NEVER give up my stamps, ribbons, paints and glitter. I like layering on the embellishments and getting messy. But I also like to learn new things and try out the latest tools. The key is to find what works for you.

If you’ve never tried Studio J because you like texture and 3-D embellishments, try creating a hybrid page. Take a look at the layout above. See the ribbon and buttons along the bottom? Before you finalize your layout, just remove these elements and have the pages printed without. Then add your own REAL ribbons and buttons. You can also add brads, flowers and rhinestones easily after printing.

If you prefer hand-written journaling, leave a space to add it. If you’re brave, journal directly onto the printed page, or if you’re a big chicken like me, cut a piece of coordinating cardstock and journal onto that. Then attach to your layout. You can even add pop-dots for added dimension.

Studio J pages are designed to be placed right alongside your traditional Close to My Heart scrapbooking pages. You’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference when compared side-by-side. And even more so when you add a bit of your own personal touches after printing.

You can try out Studio J for free anytime, you’ll only need to pay when you’re ready to purchase your layout. And for the rest of this month, you can get one FREE layout in jpg form to print and share. No strings attached, nothing to purchase. Just a few days left, try it out now!


Betsy said...

I wish I'd said that!

debsea said...

i was a sally. until i tried studio j. just like all those tv diet ads...i'll say if i can do it so can you. i had an absolute blast one evening with studio j. the best part - you can change your mind a million times...without wasting any of your supplies!!! love it.
and love your new look, as well.

Karen Day said...

Great job on the new look, Tresa!

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