Make a Wish Album, page three

Monday, August 15, 2011


I’ve had many people ask about page protectors on this album. In most of the photos I’m sharing here on my blog, and in the video I do not have the protectors on the pages. The entries were required to have protectors for display at convention, and I have kept them on now that I have the album back at home.

The page protectors do not cover the interactive elements, of course, but they do keep the storybook safe from handling. I sliced, diced, taped and sewed the protectors to get them to accommodate the pages, so they’re not perfect but they do the job.


You can see the sewing on the above page protector.

Just to set the record straight, the globe above is all hand-cut with an X-acto. Yes, more hand-cutting. Whew! I should get a commission from X-acto for all the free advertising on my blog.

One of the “challenges” in the contest was to create a page using no B&T paper (pre-printed patterned paper) but we could use stamps to create our own patterns. The globe has many layers of stamping using several different sets. I use a technique I call “bad stamping” when I’m layering images. I don’t press fully on the stamp when inking or stamping, to create partial or faded images.


The ship is adapted from a pattern by Robert Sabuda, one of the best pop-up artists and paper engineers in the world. You can get the ship pattern for free, here.


I love how the big flourish stamp fits perfectly as the wake of the boat. I created the waves by tearing, distressing and edge-rolling Lagoon colored cardstock, then painting the edges with adhesive and dipping in glitter.



More embellishment clusters. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to keep track of the products used in this project, or even use currently available products. As long as it’s all CTMH, it’s good. And I have plenty of CTMH products, you can be sure of that!


Vicki Wizniuk said...

Gosh, there are soooo many details to drool over. Love this double page, too!

Mel said...

It is hard to pick a favorite part of any of these pages... there is so much and it's all so great. I love the stamping to create texture on the continents. It is subtle but adds such a rich look. It is hard to believe that there is no patterned paper.
I can't wait to see tomorrow's page and I am so grateful that you are sharing these in such detail.

Joe Rotella said...

Fantastic! I love interactive works...and I'm especially excited to see how you altered the page protectors!! So many folks are afraid to do anything except what fits in a full size protector. BRAVO! And Robert Sabuda...well, he's my hero. Beautiful project!

Mare said...

Again, love the wonderful-ness of this page. I'd have a hard time deciding what page I loved most!!!! I'm very humbled by your generosity in sharing so much!! Thank you!!! I can't wait to see how you did the page using Studio J. Wasn't that a requirement, too?

Debbie TIbbetts said...

Absolutely a beautiful work of art ! Did you know that your Seal a Meal works wonderfully on Cut Flip Flaps ... COngrats to you Tresa .. I always am inspired by your work !!!!!!!!!!!

wendyp said...

wow! That globe and boat are absolutely incredible!!!

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