Make a Wish Album, page two

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ah, the pop-up castle. What can I say? It’s the most in-your-face scrapbook embellishment I’ve ever created.

The pop-up castle was part of the plan right from the start. Just how to create it was the puzzler. I studied dozens of pop-up books, watched videos online and created several sketches and mock-ups to get it right.
As with the dandelion blowing girl on page one, I sketched the castle first. I began with a more traditional shape, with straight sides, kind of like this. It wasn’t really coming together for me until I came up with a more whimsical approach and drew a castle that seemed to be sprouting up out of the top of the page.

Again, there are no straight lines so I couldn’t use a paper trimmer or even a straight-edge to cut the pieces, it’s all cut with an X-acto blade.

I made the castle as big as I possible could… for the WOW factor. I love to watch someone’s face when they open this page for the first time.
On each of the pages about my “wishes”, I have photos of myself. Yep, that’s me at 5 above.
Here are my three girls, at approximately the same age. My attention-loving Jessica, on the right, informed me that she doesn’t like this picture of herself. A little too late, it was already in the layout. I think she’ll get over it, especially since she loves being in a video that gets lots of views. Before you know it, she’ll be hosting a youtube show of her own.
Above, the entire left page.
And here is the entire right page.
A layered embellishment cluster. One of my favorite colors to cover in Prisma Glitter is baby pink. The pale pink star above shows this off above. I cut out the star, inked the edges, painted it with glue (mod podge or bonding memories glue) and dumped on the Prisma Glitter. Heavenly! The flags on the castle and the heart in the castle window are also baby pink with glitter.

More embellishements below. Looks like my pink rhinestone in the flower center went astray. Darn those traveling accents.

If you’re still reading this far, good for you! I’ve been asked many times if I’ll be sharing the techniques and instructions used in this book, specifically the pop-ups. The answer is yes, no and maybe. Since the album was a huge undertaking, I’m sitting back and resting for a bit. I am exploring the possibility of offering a template for purchase on the castle, since it is my own design. I also plan to create more artwork using the pop-up concept with cards and scrapbook pages, and I’d like to share those with my readers too, in online classes or as templates.

Just give me some time, okay?


chris said...

I can imagine you need to rest after this...every page is gorgeous! I think folks get burnt out when they feel they have to wow on a daily take it easy ~ we want you back for more :)

PS. I'm thrilled by just your glitter and embellishments (that's something I can do!)

Creatique Candy said...

Tresa, I'm astounded and breathless each time I see anything about your album. I'm always touched by each of your creations. This was a huge WoW factor and you never disappoint.

icandy... said...

oh, that is amazing... i could live in there!
hehe~ have a great weekend!

lilscrappers said...

I keep looking and looking, lol. I have started to look up the techniques and ponder how to create this with a boy theme.....Even if you never go further with this, you have inspired me!

Queen Bee said...

Stunning! Rest, my dear, you deserve it!

Mare said...

I'll continue reading each page's story. :)

One big question I have: did you put all of the pages in protectors to ship it and can they be used with protectors to keep them clean and in good shape for a long time or is this album designed to be put together without protectors?

Thanks so much for sharing all this but mostly, for creating it and being the amazingly artsy person you are!

Melissa Shea said...

Wow! I'm still amazed at each page! You are crazy dedicated for hand cutting w craft knife! Still magical on each page. I can hear your daughters voice as I read through! I can imagine you'd need time away from this project b/c it was so intense and original to create! Looking forward to the next page!

Dania said...

Your are amazing. What piece of art and what an inspiration you have been to me. My prayer is one day I can accomplish a project like this. Thank you! You have been a great help to me. :)

Jane O'Leary said...

You got WOW from this follower. I will be showing the video to my Hostess Club this week, shared it with my hubby and he loved it too. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie said...

The pop-up is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow is about all I can say! What an awesome project. I am inspired to attempt a boy's book. I would be willing to pay for a template of the popup castle! How about directions for the dandelion page too?

LMK Thanks for the great inspiration!


Emma said...

Wow! Thats AMAZING! :)

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