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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Big fun at the family reunion this summer. Two stories of fun, to be exact.


My oldest daughter Melissa is a facepainter for All-Star Jump, an event company that rents out inflatables. If you live in or around Spokane, WA, they have got everything you need for some fabulous fun at any sized event.


Everyone tried out the slide, including the adults. Standing at the top, you realize just how steep the slide is and the water coming from the hose is ice cold. So… panic sets in and you wonder if you can just climb back down the ladder and face the humiliation.

Come on, it’s two stories high. Not like I jump off the roof every day.


Finally, I try the “granny” approach and sit down to slide. The kids did flips, high-jumps and head first slides. Um, no thanks.


There’s no slowing down, despite my attempts at dragging my hands and screaming.


Still screaming.


Bracing for impact in 4 inches of freezing water.


Hey! That was fun! Let’s go again.


Carla said...

HILARIOUS!! So funny that they caught all your great facial expressions on camera!! Love it!

Mel said...

Thanks for sharing your summer fun. I am glad on your side of the mountains you are getting a true summer. Send some to the westside, if you get a chance :)

You look fabulous and this post brought a BIG smile to face! Go Girl!

Creatique Candy said...

AW-Some! Looks like tons of Fun & That SMILE is priceless. Not to mention how Ahhh-Mazing you look!

Haley D. said...

LOVE IT! Just watching you- and thinking about that icy water- is helping me deal with the heat here in the Deep South.

Melissa Shea said...

So fun! I want to play!

Kraaft Shaak said...

Way tooo much fun!
I am so wishing I was closer even more now!

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