Whatever Wednesday: Painting with Light

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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As a scrapbooker and artist, I can appreciate a truly talented photographer.

Eric Curry is a master at painting with light. I am transfixed watching how he can transform this image of a vintage trailer using multiple shots of the same subject, with carefully placed lighting. The end result is stunning.

While the final photo is created by using digital manipulation to layer all of the lighted photos, this is so much more spectacular than a digitally “ramped up” image using a single shot and clever computer tricks.

Due to copyrights, I cannot show you the photos on my blog except in the video format above. It’s worth watching the video, if only to understand how the photograph was created.

See more of Eric’s photos here.


Justine said...

Wow Tresa, thanks for sharing! Is that ever cool! I would have never guessed the picture was made like that, what a lot of work!

Paula said...

Beautiful what the right lighting can do for a photograph! The sun, with it's harsh, bright light on that scene in the daytime photo, didn't make anything seem appealing (except to maybe the avid desert lover!) But WOW! What a colorful and pretty scene he created with his layered "light" shots! Thanks for sharing this with us :)

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