Sunday, October 2, 2011

blogtoberfest button

It’s that time of the year again. Happy Blogtoberfest!

What is Blogtoberfest? Besides having the greatest name ever, it’s a celebration of everything blog. A challenge to bloggers to step up their game, and a treat for readers to enjoy more artwork, more tutorials, more give-aways and general bloggy goodness.

This year, I have a new mascot,  Blog Dog. Isn’t he cute?
blog dog
Blog Dog and I are going to introduce a new feature to my blogtoberfest celebration. All month long, I’ll be giving tips and tutorials on how to create a better blog. Look for Blog Dog in posts this month, he’ll help you celebrate your blog!

Do you have a blog? Join me in Blogtoberfest by grabbing the button for your sidebar. Instructions to add the button are at the bottom of this post.

Next step, blog about blogtoberfest! Let your readers know you’re joining the challenge. Step up your game, set a goal, or just aim for a better blog. There are really no rules, just a commitment to have fun and Celebrate your Blog!

How to add the Blogtoberfest button to your blog sidebar (for blogspot):


1. Copy the text in the box below the button. Double click in the box to make sure you get the entire code. Press “control c” to copy.

2. Open your blog dashboard. Click on “Layout.”

3. Click on “Add A Gadget.” A new window will open.

4. Click on “HTML/Java Script.”

5. Paste the code that you copied from my blog into the bigger box. Leave the title blank. Click “Save.”

6.  Enjoy your new sidebar button! You can move the position of the button by dragging it up or down.

Join the Fun! Celebrate Blogtoberfest and add your blog to the list below. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the "Click here to enter" link to begin.


Tamytha said...

Hey Tresa,
This was perfect timing, as I've really wanted to step up my blog presences. I've already posted about Blogtoberfest! Thanks for the challenge.

roxybonds said...

Tresa, I signed up but typed my blog address wrong the first time, so I added it a second time corrected. Not sure if you can delete the first one or not!
Thanks for doing this- I'm excited!!!

Doreen said...

Tresa, thanks for sharing your great idea! I've added your BlogtoberFest button to my blog and am getting a post ready to publish tomorrow! :-)
Doreen at

Lucy said...

Hey Tresa -- I signed up for Blogtoberfest and am very excited! I've been meaning to challenge myself to do more with my blog so this was perfect timing :) In fact, you've already inspried me - I just posted my first blog entry of the month! Thanks again!


Carol said...

Oh, I so need to perk up my blog. thanks for starting this.

Scrap n Yap with Carolyn said...

Thanks for the inspiration Tresa! I've joined in as well as stepped it up by learning how to post a video on my blog!

Allisa said...

Looking forward to your inspirations!

Heather R. Plotzke said...

Thank you so much for this great idea! I have been REALLY trying to step up my Blog presence since Studio J Bootcamp earlier this year and am looking forward to what I can learn from all of you.

Ronda Horstman said...

As I have just started my blog this is a perfect challenge for me! Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us a challenge. This is a great one and I really need to step up my game with the blogging. Didn't see the Click here section to add to the list

My blog is

Thanks so much for making us step out of our comfort zones.

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