Making Your Own Blog Header in Picasa, Part 3

Monday, October 17, 2011

It’s the final installment of the tutorial! Today we’ll get your new header installed in blogger.

In case you missed it, check out part one and part two of this series.

blog dog

Blog Dog and I are going to start out this post with a disclaimer. I am not a brilliant tech-guru with loads of computer programing experience. I hope to help those who want a simple way to improve their blog without a lot of fuss or prior knowledge of computer lingo and coding. In no way is this tutorial going to be the only way to do things, or even the best way. It’s my way. Blog Dog agrees.

If you followed along so far, you’ve created a lovely header for your blog using your own photos and text. Now let’s put that header on your blog, shall we?

1. Open Picasa and Open Your Blog Layout

First, open Picasa on your desktop and go to your header that you saved. Without closing that window, open your blog dashboard and open the Layout.

Blog Dog tip: If you’re nervous about making changes to your blog, you might want to set up a second “test” blog just for messing around with. I have a blog named “fab art test” that is set to private. I can try out all my changes before I upload them to my real blog. If you do set one up, make sure that you choose the exact same template, so they will look identical. You don’t need to create posts or keep up on this blog, it’s just for fiddlin’ with.

picasa3 screen

The next step may be the last, or you may need to do some adjusting. I needed to do a lot of adjusting to get my header to look right, you may too.

2. Edit Your Header in Blogger

Does your interface look different than mine (below)? I use bloggers new version. Doesn’t matter, you can use the old or new. Click on “edit” in the header bar.

picasa 3 layout

If you already have a header installed, you’ll want to click “Remove Image.”

picasa3 remove image

Select these options… From your computer, Instead of Title and Description, and Shrink to Fit. Leave the blog description blank.

picasa3 configure header

Click on the BROWSE button and find your photo. Select it and click the orange SAVE button.

Keep your fingers crossed…. now preview or view your blog.

Does it look right? Is it the right size? If so… congratulations, you’re done!

If not, don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to make adjustments. My blog is a three column blog and for some reason blogger wants to make my header too narrow and leave a bunch of white space on the left. Not cool. I want my header to stretch the entire width of my blog, including my sidebars, so I need to do some fiddlin’.

If your Blog Header is the wrong size….

First, try step 2 again, but unselect the “Shrink to Fit” option. This may fix your problem. If not, you need to change the size of your header in Picasa. There are several ways to do this, I’m just showing you one way.

You may need to change sizes a few times. I find that it’s easiest to just keep trying different sizes until I get it.

To change the size of your photo in Picasa, pull down the file menu and select “Export Picture to Folder”.

picasa3 export

Change the width of your header by using the slidebar or typing in a different number.

picasa3 size change

Make sure your image quality is Maximum. Click the Export Button. Again, Picasa is a little goofy here, you need to pay attention to where your photo is located so you don’t misplace it.

Now, go upload that new version and see if it fits. Too big or too small? Adjust the size by a few pixels and try again.

It took me three tries to get mine set up in my test blog. My blog is supposed to be 1,000 pixels wide. The header ended up needing to be set at 980 pixels wide. Don’t ask me why, Blog Dog might know but he’s not telling me.

Hopefully, you’ve got a stunning new blog header now! Leave me a comment with your blog address if you’ve created a header with this tutorial.

Last note: Why is the header on this tutorial different than the one on my blog? Because I wanted to show you the Picasa method from scratch and get all the screen captures as I created it.


Michele said...

I got mine all set up but the pictures are not the right ones. So I will be taking my pictures with my title in mind now. Thanks again for sharing this with us.

Connie MacFarlane said...

Tresa Black, as far as I'm concerned you are a genious! I have been wanting to change my blog header for some time and didn't know where to begin. I happened to see your tutorial on the weekend and now have a blog header that I love.
Thank you, thank you, so much for all of the time and effort you put into creating tutorials for those of us that are not very tech savvy.
If you are interested in seeing my header you can do so here:

Thanks again!

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

Professor BuckleyYouAreSuchAGoodBoy Gunn and I want to give Blog Dog a cookie. What a good puppy.

Christmas Photo Books said...

You are indeed an artist. Wow! All your works are very lovely.

ScrappyStuff said...

hey lady thanks! ... your lil'trick-or-treater looks fantastic too -
I revamped my header a few weeks ago with your help ... a few days ago a made other adjustments to my width/etc now it doesn't fit (not to worry) - just keep that in mind if you pop over. I will be changing it for 'fall' in general in a few days. it WAS balanced, but i made my blog wider, so my new banner will be wider, of course.
Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration!
love it

Gina Brandstetter said...

Thank you for the tutorial! I know you had this up for a while but I finally got a chance to sit down and try it out. I had your blog up as I went through each step. It was very helpful and I feel like I was able to give my blog a fresh new look.

Karen Day said...

Tresa! I made a new blog header with your tutorial - thanks so much :o) I gave my blog a bit of a facelift at the same time, and am really happy with it.

kimberly said...

thanks... love the information... I some how lost my text??? I am going to go an play to see what I can come up with :) again thanks

Libby said...

Greatest tutorial! thanks so much for the step by step! Incredibly helpful! Check out my design (thanks to you!)

Shannon @ The Old Park Homestead said...

Yippee! Thanks! Just what I've been looking for...

Patty said...

Tresa I can't tell you how frustrated I have been trying to figure out how to make the header to my blog. You made it happen! Thank you so much for the great tutorial!

Barb Conroy said...

Thank you so very much for your instructions!
This has made my life so much easier!!!
I can now confidently change my header as it suits me.
I couldn't get the text to come up on my header, even though it was there in picasa.
Oh well, I'm a very happy camper still.
Thanks again!

Wendy Coffman said...

Thank you so much! Love my new blog header!

Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

You are awesome!! I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. Your instructions were easy to follow. Thanks so much!

Brenna said...

Thank you! I always forget that Picasa has a text and collage option. Here I've been dragging everything over to picmonkey. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Wendy Bartlett said...

thank you!!!!! I'm working on setting up a new blog and these directions were so easy and FAST!!! Thank you so much!

SJ Cheng said...

THANK YOU!! I just used all three parts of your tutorial to make a header for my new blog. Your instructions were so easy to follow. I'm a visual learner so the screenshots were wonderful--header image completed in less than one hour!

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