Singing the Praises of Windows Live Writer

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog Dog is here to share the first blogging tip of Blogtoberfest!

blog dog WLR

If you have ever struggled with creating and formatting a post, you need to try Windows Live Writer. It’s a free download and works on most blogging services such as Blogger, Wordpress and Typepad.

The downside, if you’re a Mac user, it won’t work for you. Well, it can but it will cost you. More here.

I’ve been using this program for more than a year now, and I can’t believe I ever lived without it. I’m a huge fan.

Windows Live Writer allows you to create your blog posts offline, on your computer. Insert photos, drag them to the right size and place, add clickable links, insert videos and more. You can change font size, style and color with a few clicks of your mouse. Insert photos from your computer or directly from a website.

What you see is what you get. You are creating your post on a nice big screen, instead of the little editing window that comes with most blogging services.

Once you’ve created your beautiful and professional-looking post, clicking the “Publish” button will send your post right into cyberspace and it will appear on your blog. You can also create your post in advance and set it to publish at a specific time.

After my glowing review, I’m sure you’re ready to try it out for yourself. Just click the link below!

To read more about Windows Live Writer and download the program for free, click here.


mE said...

YAY! SO glad you love it as much as I do! I can't "live" without it. hehe! It's the best wysiwyg blogging program around :)

Inky Smiles!

mE said...

PS.. I believe that MAC users can use Windows Live Writer if they open it in programs such as "Boot Camp, Virtual PC, Parallels Desktop, or VMware Fusion" which allows them to use Windows based programs on a MAC.

Ann said...

Wow I never heard of it before but it is really nice. I just posted my first blog post using it at

Queen Bee said...

Thanks for sharing Tresa. I just tried it out and really like it!

Lisa Fowler Windsor, CO said...

I can't wait to try it! Thanks for the great tip Tresa!!

Lalia said...

yes, I love it too! No more lost posts because blogger had a hiccup. It's on your PC.

AshKuku said...

I loved it too.... Thank u so much for throwing some new light in this direction..... I am overwhelmed with what I read through & would try it out soon..... Thanks again & God Bless!!!!

Ash... :)

Lucy K said...

Thanks so much for sharing this tip! I was just editing a post for my blog in that "small window" so it was very timely to see your post. Thanks for sharing your wisdome :)


A Bit of It All for Craftin' said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. This will greatly increase the ease of blogging. I just started using it after reading your post and it is fantastic!


Tamytha said...

Love this tip. I just downloaded it and can't wait to use it for the first time. Thanks for giving us such great, usable, information. :)

Pamela O'Connor said...

Love Windows Live Writer! I've been using it for quite a while now. I just recently upgraded to a new laptop and need to explore the new version now. Thanks for sharing!

Kristine Ponte said...

Wow! love this...I might just need to invest in a PC...Mac user for years now, but I find too many programs just won't work with them...your link through for Mac users tells me that with the hardware updates, I might as well just get myself a less expensive PC :)

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