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Thursday, November 3, 2011

henna bracelet

My last ustream class was a bit different. Adding a bit of body bling  with glitter and paint is a fun way to show off your artistic side, and it’s much less permanent than a real tattoo. Not to mention pain-free.

glitter tattoo

If you caught the live show, you were treated to a tiger facepainting as well, but the recording had some issues so the video below is shorter, with just the glitter tattoo and henna-style bracelet.

Watch the video:

High quality paints and supplies make all the difference. I buy my facepainting products from Silly Farm and Jest Paints.

Prosaide glitter glue
Martha Stewart Glitter (Not for faces or small children, I use Mama Clown glitter for cosmetic face application)
Diamond FX Facepaints
Wolfe Facepaints


Crafty Texan said...

Oh how fun! Thanks for the idea for my daughter's next sleep over. :)

Romaine said...

So fun! Thanks for the ideas!

lilmisstypo said...

This video was AWESOME .... too bad that the tiger didn't show up. My daughter was looking fwd to watching it on reruns over and over and over she says ( she is 6 ). Thanks for posting these even in your busy seasons...

Lisa said...

It looks really fun to have it on certain parties. Especially birthday parties. Children will really love it.

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