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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I’m being erratic, I know.

Sometimes I’m on, sometimes I’m off. Story of my life. Tee hee!

ustream intro

Join me tonight at 7 pm pacific for a live ustream class on resist techniques, part two.

If you’re not in the pacific time zone, that’s 8 pm mountain, 9 pm eastern, 10 pm eastern.

Three ways to watch! See the show here, or join me on my ustream channel. And the new way… visit my Fabulously Artsy Facebook page where you can watch and chat with your facebook account.

Can’t make the show? All shows are recorded and archived, view them on my channel page. Since it’s live TV, the recordings aren’t always guaranteed. Things happen, buttons get pushed, connections fail, so your best bet is to show up for the live show! Plus I like having people in the live audience, so there will be more shows if there are more people. Now I’m just bargaining with you.

Join the chat! Use the tab in the window above to chat on ustream (sign up for a free account if you don’t have one already), or you can chat on the social stream tab. I monitor the ustream chat during live shows, and may not be able to view the social stream chats.


Sandra said...

I'll be fast asleep over here in England when you go live but will be sure to come back to see the recording.

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

Hey Tresa - missed it, but I'll be checking out the video and laughing along with you!

Rebecca Sorge said...

Tresa, I love all you work and so excited to see you back at Ustream! woo hoo

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