Faux Stitching with the Paper Piercing Tool

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The paper piercing tool is so versatile, it’s not just for poking holes for brads!

I love the look of stitching on my paper projects, but it’s not always practical to drag out the sewing machine, and hand-stitching can take forever. With a couple of tools from Close to My Heart, including the paper piercing tool shown above, I can create faux stitching in half the time!

In order to create this look, you’ll need to use Close to My Heart’s exclusive colors cardstock, or any other cardstock with a white core.

Check your cardstock for a white core by tearing a bit at the corner. As you can see below, the color is on the surface of the cardstock, but the center is white.


I’m going to create a square of faux stitching, so first I like to mark my cardstock, so my corners will meet nicely. Use a straight edge and a pencil to lightly mark your lines.


Dry emboss the lines with an embossing stylus and the groove of your paper trimmer.

Tresa Tip: Tracing over the cardstock several times lightly, rather than one heavy pass, keeps the cardstock from tearing through.

You can also use a scoring board for this step.


Flip the cardstock over so that the embossing is “mountain,” not “valley.”


Use a sanding block, or a piece of sandpaper to expose the white core of the cardstock. Keep your sandpaper flat to sand only the raised areas on the cardstock, so it won’t scratch the rest of piece.


Place the paper piercing foam mat under your cardstock. To create perfectly spaced stitch marks, use Close to My Heart’s ruler. Line up the desired stitching holes over your white scored line.


Hold your paper piercing tool vertically, poke through the stitching holes. You want to pierce deep into the foam mat in order to make larger sized stitching holes.


Continue until done!



Allisa said...

Wow, the finished piece looks great. I would have never thought to combine the embossing and the faux stitching. You rock! Will have to try this in the future.

Sandra said...

This is a genius technique. TFS!

Romaine said...

Well, this is easier than joining the dots with a pen! Great tip, Tresa!

Elizabeth said...

I love love love this idea! TFS

Jean M. said...

Love this...I am going to give this a try:)

NJ Stamping Queen said...

Thank you for doing such a terrific job of simplifying the faux stitching technique with photos! I love learning new things!
:) Marie

Melinda said...

How did you ever come up with this idea? Cannot wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE it!.. I bought a fancier kit of sorts, of which I will not mention names, but it was the biggest waste of money, in MY opinion, that I've ever spent! It'll be on the shelf of my local Salvation Army store very soon, I'm thinking! ~tina

Creatique Candy said...

Love it! I've wanted to know an easier way to stitch, this looks very simplistic and I adore the CTMH ruler, an absolute must have in my crafting inventory. Thanks for posting this simple technique. HUGS

MaryGunn FUNN said...

This doesn't work when sewing clothes, but it sure is the coolest when working with card stock! Very well done, Tresa.

Nickie Hoffer said...

I wouldn't have thought to do the distressing first. I think I have only seen the faux stitching with hand drawn lines. TfS!

Michelle Morrissey said...

Seriously, that is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to try that right now!

Connie H. said...

This looks so easy and so cool ... love the look of stitching but don't like to stitch. Thanks for yet another great idea!

Carrie said...

Oooh, I've seen this done with a white pen and our piercing tool, but never the sanding/embossing. You are amazing!

Lynnette said...

I shall try this technique for sure. Much easier than dragging out the old sewing machine. So long machine shall see you on another day!

Janet McCormick, CTMH Independent Consultant said...

What a great idea! I love stitching, but as you said, it is a pain to dig out the sewing machine. This is quick and easy and gives the same effect!

Daria C. said...

Cool tip! Thank you.

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