Whatever Wednesday–Phone Stacking

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can’t put down your phone? They’re addictive, and we’re used to checking them all day long. Facebook updates, tweets and texts, we’re connecting to people all day long through our phones. But what about when you’re out with friends?

I’m sheepishly raising my hand, color me guilty. Time out with friends should be about face-to-face time, and real people are more important than cyber-people.

That’s way I love the idea of this new “game” suggested by the Brian Perez, from his tumblr blog. He has a rather colorful name for the game, but the idea has gone viral and a much more family friendly name has emerged, phone stacking.

The rule: stack your phones, or place them on the table when you’re out with friends. First person to pick up their phone, picks up the check. That should be a pretty strong incentive to keep your attention on the real people in front of you, not the ones that aren’t there with you.

Love it. Stack me up.


NJ Stamping Queen said...

how clever! thanks for sharing that idea! That would certainly discourage me from picking up the phone!

Barb said...

love this idea! i'm a new (and happy to be here) follower! :)

Creatique Candy said...

Great and Fantabulous idea. Thanks for sharing. <3

Scrappy Mel said...

Friend has done this and had her husband text her friends and they were squirming in their seats trying to resist tempation, but they never gave in! Sneaky....
I've been away from blog land a while, but am having a great time getting up to date on your blog. Been following you a while now.

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