Creative University 2012, part 1

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a fabulous experience! I’m still resting up, unpacking and reminiscing over all the memories. As usual, it just gets better every year.

What is Creative University?


photo by Michelle Nist

Create U is my annual art retreat, this year was number five. It’s grown over the years, but the core value that I hold dear is to give all attendees a perfect blend of “Inspiration, Education and Relaxation.”


photo by Michelle Nist

I host the event at a camp in Idaho, on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene. The camp is easy to get to from Spokane, Washington, and many students fly or drive long distances to attend. The location has stunning scenery, cozy cabins (some with gas fireplaces!), and beautiful views from all the gathering spaces.

mollyR scenery

photo by Molly Rawls

This year’s attendance totaled 59, so we had two class pictures. Here is the Purple Pixie group. We took their picture early in the day. The weather was mild and the day was just beginning so everyone looks pretty refreshed and comfortable.


The Silver Sprite group wasn’t so lucky. The weather started turning on us, with snow spitting, wind blowing, temperatures dropping. They were trying to finish up the jewelry class, and still hard at work after 2 hours, when I finally had to call a break in the class and haul them outside for their picture. They look a bit less thrilled about the whole idea than the Purple Pixes, don’t you think? We were freezing.

TamaraW class pic2

Before the event, students were able to order logowear and show their school spirit. I love how we all look so color coordinated at camp, it’s like having school uniforms. I take great care to choose an entire collection of shirts, jackets, pants, hats and bags that are more than just your one-size-fits-most tee.

The colors were purple and green. Here I am modeling one of my favorites, the microfleece zip pullover. Snuggly!

Tresa pullover


Margaret and Roberta both wearing CU logowear.


I just had to include this photo, the purple table! They are all wearing different choices from the tee shirt selections. The shirts have logos printed low on the hip this year, so many of the designs don’t show up in seated photos, but they still look fabulous!


Welcome bags (above) greeted every arrival. This was the last year I’ll be creating the hand-made bags for every student, so I hope the ladies all enjoy their limited edition CU memento! This year I learned something from Creative University…I learned sewing burlap is very, very messy. Burlap dust everywhere!

I’ll have more to share, so be a deer and check back soon!

MollyR deer

photo by Molly Rawls


Creatique Candy said...

Love your story of CU! It is an amazing experience and grows each year. I'm blessed to be apart of this growing community and enjoyed every single moment. Thank you from the depths of my heart for sharing such an amazing experience, counting down to CU2013! HUGS from ID.

paula said...

Maybe you could share a pattern or tutorial on the bags??? They are so darn cute! I would love to join you someday for Create U!

Crafty Texan said...

Looks like another fun event! I know just following your blog I get excited for it, so I can't imagine actually attending. Can't wait to see what the classes were!

Ms Molly: said...

Thanks again for an amazing weekend! I'm flattered you used a couple of my pics for your blog.--mr

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