April Workshop Sneak Peek

Friday, March 30, 2012


Scrap your baby photos, or your summer memories with this 10 page pre-designed workshop! It’s so versatile, you can use it as a gift, place the pages in a single album, or break them up and use the pages individually. The beautiful aqua and yellow color scheme will work for boys, girls or summertime photos!


In April I’ll be releasing this 10 page workshop, with cutting guides and instructions in a full color printable guide. You can choose to attend a class if you live in the Spokane, Washington area, or you can purchase the kit online and have it shipped to you, for assembly at home. There will be helpful how-to videos related to this workshop, to make your scrapping experience even more fun!

CTMH consultants will qualify for the consultant special to allow you to create your own home workshop for your customers!

I’m still putting the final touches on the workshop, and expect to have the kit available for ordering on or around April 9th. Check back here on my blog for updates.

If you would like to pre-register for the Spokane workshop, contact me for dates and prices.

Now I want a buffalo

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My husband discovered this little gem on youtube. Now we can’t get the song out of our heads.

You don’t want to mess with a guy who’s riding on a buffalo.

Last day of the B2G1 Sale!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don’t miss out! Get in on my smokin’ hot deal – Buy 2 stamp sets, get 1 free!

For every two sets you buy, you can choose another stamp set of equal or lesser value for free!

Reader Question: Can I buy two $17.95 sets, and two $9.95 sets, and get a $17.95 set plus a $9.95 set for free?

Answer: YES! Buy two same-priced sets, the third one is free. No limit, as long as you pay for two, the free one can match the price.

Click here for instructions to take advantage of this super special, available only through me, and only through today!

How-to Books still available, but not for long!

Monday, March 26, 2012

how to books

When I sit down to create, I need inspiration. Yep, I do. It’s tough to always be fabulously artsy, sometimes I like to get a little creative nudge from the Close to My Heart How-to Books.

These beautiful books are full of blueprints, paper dimensions and artwork inspiration for cards and scrapbooks. Sometimes I copy a layout pattern exactly from the book, other times I just browse through, looking for embellishment ideas or title inspiration. My collection is within easy reach of my scrapbooking table, I use them often.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Close to My Heart has retired every single one of the How-to Books and they are only available while supplies last. I’m so glad my collection is complete, as I will continue to use the ideas and patterns for years to come.

It’s not too late for you. Although Originals and Reflections are now sold out, there are still 4 how-to books still available.

For scrapbookers: Cherish, Imagine, Magic
For cardmakers: Wishes

Over 120 pages in a beautiful hard-bound book with spiral inside (so they lay flat!), filled with full color artwork and plenty of tips, techniques and ideas to spark your creative mojo!

Can’t decide which ones to get? My favorites are Magic for scrapbooking, and Wishes for Cards.

These books won’t be around much longer, so get them while you can!

Shop now!

Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

For 5 days only, take advantage of this special stamp sale!


Now until Wednesday, March 28, you can earn a free stamp set for every two stamp sets you purchase on my website!


No Limits! For every 2 stamp sets you purchase, you will get one additional set of your choice free!*

Offer applies to all currently stamp sets. Free item will be of equal or lesser value than the least expensive item.

Make sure you read and follow the instruction below to take advantage of this special offer!

Here’s how to get your FREE stamp sets:
1. Place an order on my website for 2 or more stamp sets. For every 2 stamps you order, you will qualify to receive 1 free.

2. Pick out your free sets. Make sure the free sets you choose are of equal or lesser value than the ones you pay for. Do not place the free sets in your shopping cart or you will be charged for them.

3. After you complete your order for your paid stamp sets, contact me with the name and item number of the free sets you would like. These free sets will be ordered and shipped to you separately from your paid order.

Remember, you must follow the instructions above. I can’t alter your order once you have placed it on my website, so make sure you get your free stamps by carefully reading the steps above.

Confused? Want to place your order by email or phone? Contact me and I’ll take care of you! My email and phone are listed on the top of my website, here. Or click here to email me a message.

This offer is only available through Tresa Black and is not a Close to My Heart corporate special. This offer expires March 28 at midnight.

Celebrity Spokesperson

A few weeks ago I was delighted to participate in a video making session with Close to My Heart corporate. I traveled to Salt Lake City, enjoyed meeting three other consultants and shooting the video below, as well as another video that will be released soon. It was a wonderful experience and I felt like a celebrity!

If you are a Close to My Heart consultant, you need to go to convention. That’s all there is to it. Once you go, you’ll want to go every year.

If you’re not a consultant yet, there’s still time! Join my team and you can party with me and other consultants who are jumping up and down at the excitement that CTMH has in store!

Do me a favor? Click on the youtube logo and go “like” the video, maybe even leave a comment. Show me some CTMH love and support!

Zombies make terrible Close to My Heart consultants

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Close to My Heart consultants come from all walks of life with many different backgrounds. There are as many different reasons to join as there are consultants, and the opportunity to join my team this month has never been better.

Except for zombies. The undead are lousy consultants.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the Close to My Heart consultant opportunity, and why you may consider joining CTMH this month… if you’re not a zombie.

1. Earn Money and Products – Whether you plan to be your own best customer, or make CTMH your full time job, you’ll reap the benefits of a generous product discount, commission on sales and earned product credit.

While healthy humans appreciate saving money, earning an income and building their scrapbooking stash, zombies don’t care about money or products. They really only care about braaains.

2. Excellent Training – Every consultant benefits from the extensive support system created by Close to My Heart. From one-on-one support from your direct upline to a complete online training program that allows you to graduate with a “PHD”, you’ll never feel unprepared. National and regional training events are open to all consultants to mix, mingle and learn more about Close to My Heart products and building your business.

As we all know, the undead tend to be slow and dimwitted. They are terrible at learning to navigate the extensive library of training programs offered by Close to My Heart, and while zombies would enjoy attending one of our national conventions, they tend to wander off in search of hapless victims and miss all the excitement of the event.

3. Make Friends and Build Relationships – Some of my best friends I have come to know because of my Close to My Heart business. Some are customers, some are fellow consultants, but we have all been drawn together by our love of creating. Being a CTMH consultant gets you “out there,” and gives you a chance to socialize and meet new people.

While zombies do like to gather in hordes, they tend to have very poor social skills. When you invite your friends over for a Close to My Heart workshop, the last thing you want is to have your consultant eat your neighbor.

4. Creative Opportunities – Close to My Heart is first and foremost about creativity in scrapbooking, cardmaking, and crafting. You can earn money, share your passion, and enjoy using the best products on the market. Their products are constantly updated with the latest trends, and you’ll have access to projects and how-to’s to keep your creativity flowing.

Zombies could care less about staying up to date on the latest trends or expressing themselves creatively. Think about those zombie mobs, they all blend in and look the same. Does anyone really try to stand out from the crowd? Plus their lack of coordination makes them terrible at using a paper trimmer.

So, as you can see, the Close to My Heart opportunity is for everyone, maybe even YOU.

Unless you are a zombie. Then forget it.


This month only, when you join my team as a Close to My Heart consultant for just $99 plus shipping and tax, you will also receive the $99 Cricut Art Philosophy Collection, absolutely free!

The consultant kit is packed with business and creative supplies and products straight from the Close to My Heart catalog. Valued at over $280 retail, the savings are incredible. With the addition of the Cricut Art Philosophy collection this month only, you’ll receive almost $400 in products for $99 plus shipping and tax.

Plus, all consultants now receive a free online shopping website, plus a professional customizable monthly newsletter to send to your customers, all free. The benefits of becoming a Close to My Heart consultant just keep getting better!

I’d love to tell you more or answer any questions you might have. Contact me! You can read more about becoming a Close to My Heart consultant on my website, or go directly to join now.

Free Cricut Art Philosophy collection offer expires March 31. Don’t miss out!

National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My breakfast this morning....
Life is short... eat dessert first. What better opportunity than National Ice Cream for breakfast day. In memory of Bruce Rosenberg and all others who have fought for their lives, we started our day with waffles and ice cream, and gratitude.
From the Ice Cream for Breakfast facebook page:
On March 21st, 2011, Bruce Rosenberg was diagnosed with Cancer. It turns out that it was Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. One of the things that came to mind was "Have Ice Cream for breakfast". It was a mantra of sorts, a metaphor for living life. As sad as it is to have such... an epiphany about life only when faced with something that threatens it, it would be sadder still if others didn't understand before they too faced some crisis themselves. He felt that March 21st should be Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day as much as a show of support as an affirmation that everyone will vow to live life and not take even the small things for granted.
Bruce lost his battle with melanoma just 9 days short of March 21 this year. In his memory, let's honor his wishes and eat ice cream (or sorbet or frozen yogurt or whatever indulgence you want!) for breakfast on March 21.

Beyond the Borders

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They are always telling you to think outside the box. Well, how about thinking outside the card?
If you do cross some borders, you probably want to plan ahead. In order to fit this card into an envelope, I needed to cut down on the width of the card base, making it 3-1/4"  wide. The horizontal banner piece is 4-1/4" wide, just right for a standard card-sized envelope.

Close to My Heart Supplies: Stella level 2 paper pack, Paradise Paper Flowers, Beautiful Friendship Stamp Set, Kraft cardstock.
Purchase these and other Close to My Heart supplies on my website.

Clowning Around

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My little Jessica (right) and her friend, playing dress up. They make such cute clowns, not the scary kind.

A quote for the day....

"I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments."
Jim Morrison of The Doors

Well said, Jim. Looks like you and I have something in common.

Stick It! (Perfect Edge-to-Edge Adhesive)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

If you're a papercrafter, you've got an arsenal of adhesives. Dots, strips, runners, foam, single and double sided, brush-on, squirt-on, rub-on. Choosing the perfect adhesive for the job means the difference between a well done project and something that is, um.... not so well done.

Today I'd like to share my secret for success when covering chipboard, or whenever you want a strong, edge-to-edge adhesive.

What's edge-to-edge mean, and why do you want it? When you are creating an item that will be handled quite a bit, like a mini album, and you are covering the item with paper or cardstock, the adhesive needs to be applied all the way to the edges of your paper/cardstock. This is especially true of the base layer - the paper that attaches to the chipboard. And even more so when the paper/cardstock is cut exactly to size on the chipboard. This prevents lifting of your base layer, which can happen by accident when the viewer is handling your project.

For edge-to-edge application, I recommend a liquid adhesive such as Bonding Memories glue by CTMH, or a brush-on glue such as Mod Podge. You can also use a strong holding glue stick (do not use school glue, it is a weak bond).
Do you ever get glue onto the front of your paper when you're trying to apply it to the back? Here's a GREAT tip, and it's "green" too. Recycle those old magazines and sales catalogs by using them as a working surface for your gluing projects.

Use a clean page every time you have a new item to glue. Work from front to back (or back to front) of your magazine, turning a new page over each time you get glue onto a page. This gives you a fresh, clean working surface for each piece, and when you've used the entire magazine you can toss it in the recycle bin. It will be one big glued together magazine, but it will have served you well.

Start by brushing your glue onto the center of your paper. You'll want to work quickly, so the glue doesn't dry. By brushing onto the center first, you'll leave the outside edges for the last, so you're guaranteed those important edges stay nice and wet until you stick them down.
Brush out any streaks until you have a smooth, even layer. See the brushstrokes in the photo above? That's bad.
Now that's better. Nice and smooth, and still shiny because it's wet. Work quickly people! If I can do it with a brush in one hand and a camera in the other, you can too.
Next, go around all the outer edges of the paper. By saving the edges for last, the glue will be fresh and guaranteed to stick with no dry spots. This applies for all liquid or stick glues. Quickly pick up your paper and position it onto your project, sealing by rubbing with your hands to make good contact with the chipboard. Give extra attention to the edges.

Now my magazine has glue on the left side page (above), I use the right side page for the next items that I want to glue. Continue on, just flipping the page when you need a fresh workspace.

Clean, tidy project, and by gosh it's going to stick!

Grrrr! Computer Troubles

Friday, March 16, 2012

My poor computer has come down with a nasty bug and it's in the hospital today. It never fails, when I'm all fired up to do some serious blogging and video production, my computer throws a temper tantrum and decides to throw in the towel.

I'm still going to keep up my challenge to blog (almost) everyday, so wish me luck. I'm forced to use our family laptop, which means I have to get in line for my computer time. In this family, that's a loooooong line.

A look back: my first video

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can you believe I made my very first youtube video more than four years ago? My youngest daughter Jessica is now 9 years old, she was so little in this video!

I've gotten a lot better in my filmmaking since then, but I still love this video. It was such fun to make!

Easy Peasy Spring Centerpieces

Monday, March 12, 2012


Need a quick centerpiece or a springtime decoration for your home? This is so easy, you’ll want to make more than one!

I created these for Creative University, they were used as centerpieces in the dining hall, and given away at the end of the event.

Use a wide-mouth canning jar (it’s easier to get the items inside, but you can use any jar, even an old mayonnaise jar). The lids on my jar were brand new and a bit too shiny for me, so I sprayed them down with a coat of hammered finish spray paint by Krylon. Place a handful of river rocks in the bottom, and add a glob of green florist moss.

Add a couple artificial butterflies to your jar. I used white feather butterflies found in the wedding section of Michael’s crafts store. I sprayed the butterflies with Lindy’s Stamp Gang starburst sprays to customize their colors. I also added a spray of artificial leaves and berries. I think it would also look nice if you used a twiggy branch, if you have one.

Add the lid, wrap and tie with hemp and you’re done! For an extra touch, I added a hand-made charm.


You can also use mushroom birds and little plastic eggs in place of your butterflies.


Happy spring!

Butterfly Friends

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I’m still working my way through the Beautiful Friendship stamp set and Stella Paper pack. I like to say that any stamps I own are going to get multiple uses and become old friends by the time I tire of them.

This time, I used the medallion stamp as a border, stamping just a portion along the right side. I also used the same stamp on the large butterfly, centering the medallion over the wings and embossing in gold.


I love how the circular pattern on the medallion stamp works so well on the butterfly wings.

Here’s a tip to get your butterfly wings to pop up on your card, even after mailing: fold the butterfly and use a strong liquid glue (like Liquid Glass) to attach just the fold the card, leaving the wings completely free. Once the glue dries, cut a itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy piece of foam tape, lift the wings and slip the piece of foam under, getting it as close to the center of the body as possible. This will give the most “lift” to the wing, but also allow it to flatten for mailing.

Spring Fling Linky Party

Friday, March 9, 2012

I’m ready for spring, how about you? Flowers, pastels, butterflies and bumblebees. I’ve got a few cards I’m still working on and can’t wait to show them off soon.

You can win a $25 gift certificate just by showing off your artwork on the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Blog! Get your friends to visit and vote on your creation, the most “likes” wins!

To enter and learn more, go the the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Blog.

Altered tea cup pincushion by Ivett Carillo, LSG design team.

Put a Bird on It

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Everything looks better with a bird on it. And glitter. Must have glitter.

Let’s review….


Bird with a crown. Good.

amazing bird

Bird with rhinestone eye. Yes.

wings card

Multi-colored bird. Excellent.

bird frame-1

Bird on a branch, with a crown AND glittered wing. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

Mailing Tip: Make Sure it Fits

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Isn’t it fun when you open your mailbox and there’s a hand-made card waiting for you? Much better than all that junk mail and those darned bills.

Extra thick or lumpy cards may require extra postage and if it’s not added before you mail it, the recipient may be charged when the card is delivered. We don’t want that, do we?

Here’s a quick and easy way to check if your card will make it through the postal guidelines for thickness…


The slot on most paper trimmers is 1/4” wide. This just happens to be the maximum thickness allowed for first class mail cards and letters. Slip the card into the envelope, then slide it through the slot on your paper trimmer. If it fits… it ships!

Friendly Thank You

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

friends card

I am always thankful for my online customers who place an orders online. I may not always be prompt with my thank-you cards, and I’m reeeeeally behind on my cards right now, so I am going to lock myself away in my studio for a few days and get some cards done! Housework be damned, I’m creating!

I’m also blogging daily in March (trying to at least) so I’ll definitely be sharing what I’m working on.

I’m loving this little stamp set, Beautiful Friendship by Close to My Heart. Less than 10 bucks! Love that!

Close to My Heart supplies used:
Beautiful Friendship stamp set
Stella level 2 paper pack
Kraft cardstock
Antique Copper brads (Metal assortment pack)
Paradise Paper Flowers
Gold embossing powder
Chocolate Inkpad

Additional supplies:
Desert Gold Glitz Spritz (on flower), from Lindy’s Stamp Gang

How about you… what project are you behind on? Leave a comment and tell me all about it. I can relate.

March Stamp of the Month

Monday, March 5, 2012


I love a spectacular swirl, a fabulous filigree, a marvelous medallion. Check out Close to My Heart’s March Stamp of the Month. It’s all that and more!

MarchSOM pic

You can choose your price on the Stamp of the Month… purchase it at full retail value for $17.95, or get it for just $5 when you place an order on my website for $50 or more. There are so many possibilities with this set, from backgrounds to focal points, it’s a must-have set that you’ll use over and over.

Get it while you can, it will only be available until the end of this month!

Click here to shop now!

Sneaky Sunday Sale

Sunday, March 4, 2012

LSG sneak

One day only, your chance to make a haul!

Lindy's Stamp Gang Sale
20% off Starburst Sets
March 4, 2012
coupon code: sundays
(coupon only applies to Starburst Spray Sets, Starburst Stain Sets and Starburst Color Shot Sets)


Creative University, Part 5

Saturday, March 3, 2012

One of the popular extracurricular activities at Creative University is the charm swap. It’s been a tradition at CU every year (except one, when I thought I’d leave it off the activities and we were all sorry).


You may remember this post with my mushrooms in a bottle. Well, guess what I made them for?

Yep. Charm swap.


The swap goes like this…. each participant creates 10 “creative charms.” These can be anything that isn’t just “off the shelf”, they must be altered or created. Clay, glass, resin, beads, even paper make their way into these miniature pieces of art.


In addition to the creative charm, the participants also make a small “filler” charm. This is easy-peasy, just a few beads or purchased item, helps fill out the final jewelry piece.


The theme this year was “Woodland Fairies” and the colors were purple, green, blue and mixed metals of copper, gold, gunmetal – but no silver.


The swaps were turned into the “Charm Fairies” who worked their magic and redistributed the mixed swaps back to each participant. It was like Christmas morning getting our swap bags back!


There are so many fun things to do with your charms. You can obviously put them onto a chain for a bracelet or necklace. You can add them to cards or pages for embellishments. You can add one or two to a ribbon for a bookmark, attach one to your keychain, or use them to decorate an altered art project.

I haven’t decided what I am going to do with mine, but it will be fabulous. You can count on it.

2011 Charm swap, Under the Sea theme.
Photo by Melody Pugh.

Creative University, Part 4

Friday, March 2, 2012

Just two more posts (I think!) to tell you the last details about Creative University 2012!


I’m already getting nostalgic… as I search through photos for these posts I see so many pictures of happy, smiling students who came to CU for the first time (or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time), and ended up learning new things and making new friends.


This year I introduced something new at CU. The Technique Boutique was a self-paced activity featuring 20 different stamping and/or papercrafting techniques.


Each of my 4 professors not only taught their own full-length classes, as shown in the previous two posts, but they also contributed 4 cards each to the Technique Boutique.

I also provided four techniques, which was a lot of fun for me. I don’t teach at CU, it’s my job to choose the instructors and oversee every detail that happens at the event, so I can’t take on a teaching position too. But the Technique Boutique was small enough for me to handle, and still keep my wits about me.


Each of the techniques are created on a small 3”x3” piece of cardstock. They can be used as idea starters, added to card fronts, or used as scrapbook accents.

I chose a purple and green color scheme for the Technique Boutique. All of the cards used various shades of this color scheme, so they looked fabulous all combined!


Photo by Nichole Lewno