Butterfly Friends

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I’m still working my way through the Beautiful Friendship stamp set and Stella Paper pack. I like to say that any stamps I own are going to get multiple uses and become old friends by the time I tire of them.

This time, I used the medallion stamp as a border, stamping just a portion along the right side. I also used the same stamp on the large butterfly, centering the medallion over the wings and embossing in gold.


I love how the circular pattern on the medallion stamp works so well on the butterfly wings.

Here’s a tip to get your butterfly wings to pop up on your card, even after mailing: fold the butterfly and use a strong liquid glue (like Liquid Glass) to attach just the fold the card, leaving the wings completely free. Once the glue dries, cut a itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy piece of foam tape, lift the wings and slip the piece of foam under, getting it as close to the center of the body as possible. This will give the most “lift” to the wing, but also allow it to flatten for mailing.


Debbie (from Sugar Land) said...

I love the card, and am super impressed with the embossing on the butterfly - this is making me look at all my stamps in a different light now. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Haley D. said...

Gorgeous card! Thank you for reminding us to look at our stamps in a different light.

Joy said...

I almost ordered the set then didn't...you sold me. Thanks Tresa. My bulging stamp storage thanks you also. (PS thanks for the help, love, and support of Pam T last week- YOU made a lovely impact).

Gretel from Oahu said...

Thanks for the great butterfly tips. You are always so informative...

Heather R. Plotzke said...

I LOVE THIS CARD! What a great effect on the butterflies

Joel and Amy said...

Who would have thought to use the medallion stamp on the butterfly? Not me. So pretty! ~Amy

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