Creative University, Part 4

Friday, March 2, 2012

Just two more posts (I think!) to tell you the last details about Creative University 2012!


I’m already getting nostalgic… as I search through photos for these posts I see so many pictures of happy, smiling students who came to CU for the first time (or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time), and ended up learning new things and making new friends.


This year I introduced something new at CU. The Technique Boutique was a self-paced activity featuring 20 different stamping and/or papercrafting techniques.


Each of my 4 professors not only taught their own full-length classes, as shown in the previous two posts, but they also contributed 4 cards each to the Technique Boutique.

I also provided four techniques, which was a lot of fun for me. I don’t teach at CU, it’s my job to choose the instructors and oversee every detail that happens at the event, so I can’t take on a teaching position too. But the Technique Boutique was small enough for me to handle, and still keep my wits about me.


Each of the techniques are created on a small 3”x3” piece of cardstock. They can be used as idea starters, added to card fronts, or used as scrapbook accents.

I chose a purple and green color scheme for the Technique Boutique. All of the cards used various shades of this color scheme, so they looked fabulous all combined!


Photo by Nichole Lewno


Kandi said...

Hey, the 3 Amigas made it on you blog (great photo)! We had such a great time Tresa and I know I'm already excited about next time. :)

Thanks for posting all of these fun memories. I'm still showing off all of my fun new creations to my friends and co-workers.

Thanks again Tresa!

Romaine said...

It is like a card quilt!

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