Grrrr! Computer Troubles

Friday, March 16, 2012

My poor computer has come down with a nasty bug and it's in the hospital today. It never fails, when I'm all fired up to do some serious blogging and video production, my computer throws a temper tantrum and decides to throw in the towel.

I'm still going to keep up my challenge to blog (almost) everyday, so wish me luck. I'm forced to use our family laptop, which means I have to get in line for my computer time. In this family, that's a loooooong line.


addiepray said...

I so get that, it seems like every time I get all fired up my computer goes down. I think it knows what's up and is conspiring to defeat me.

yasemin said...

i missed your tutorial videos like once you uploaded to youtube...

TINA said...

I love your "kill the computer picture"!!! Thank you so much for trying so hard to post often for us fans :) You are truly appreciated!

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