A look back: my first video

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can you believe I made my very first youtube video more than four years ago? My youngest daughter Jessica is now 9 years old, she was so little in this video!

I've gotten a lot better in my filmmaking since then, but I still love this video. It was such fun to make!


Mary Gunn FUNN said...

That is a lot better than most stars and famous directors' first films! You didn't even have any creatures coming from the lagoon causing great screams and death!

Thanks for all you do! You are muy increble', Senora Black.

Amy said...

Wow that was your first one. I actually can't beleive it. So awesome. I love your videos.

Unknown said...

I love your videos. You are so full of energy and not shy like me. Of course I love the things I learn too.

Mrs Lewis said...

HA! I totally remember that video! man, time flies :D

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