Zombies make terrible Close to My Heart consultants

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Close to My Heart consultants come from all walks of life with many different backgrounds. There are as many different reasons to join as there are consultants, and the opportunity to join my team this month has never been better.

Except for zombies. The undead are lousy consultants.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the Close to My Heart consultant opportunity, and why you may consider joining CTMH this month… if you’re not a zombie.

1. Earn Money and Products – Whether you plan to be your own best customer, or make CTMH your full time job, you’ll reap the benefits of a generous product discount, commission on sales and earned product credit.

While healthy humans appreciate saving money, earning an income and building their scrapbooking stash, zombies don’t care about money or products. They really only care about braaains.

2. Excellent Training – Every consultant benefits from the extensive support system created by Close to My Heart. From one-on-one support from your direct upline to a complete online training program that allows you to graduate with a “PHD”, you’ll never feel unprepared. National and regional training events are open to all consultants to mix, mingle and learn more about Close to My Heart products and building your business.

As we all know, the undead tend to be slow and dimwitted. They are terrible at learning to navigate the extensive library of training programs offered by Close to My Heart, and while zombies would enjoy attending one of our national conventions, they tend to wander off in search of hapless victims and miss all the excitement of the event.

3. Make Friends and Build Relationships – Some of my best friends I have come to know because of my Close to My Heart business. Some are customers, some are fellow consultants, but we have all been drawn together by our love of creating. Being a CTMH consultant gets you “out there,” and gives you a chance to socialize and meet new people.

While zombies do like to gather in hordes, they tend to have very poor social skills. When you invite your friends over for a Close to My Heart workshop, the last thing you want is to have your consultant eat your neighbor.

4. Creative Opportunities – Close to My Heart is first and foremost about creativity in scrapbooking, cardmaking, and crafting. You can earn money, share your passion, and enjoy using the best products on the market. Their products are constantly updated with the latest trends, and you’ll have access to projects and how-to’s to keep your creativity flowing.

Zombies could care less about staying up to date on the latest trends or expressing themselves creatively. Think about those zombie mobs, they all blend in and look the same. Does anyone really try to stand out from the crowd? Plus their lack of coordination makes them terrible at using a paper trimmer.

So, as you can see, the Close to My Heart opportunity is for everyone, maybe even YOU.

Unless you are a zombie. Then forget it.


This month only, when you join my team as a Close to My Heart consultant for just $99 plus shipping and tax, you will also receive the $99 Cricut Art Philosophy Collection, absolutely free!

The consultant kit is packed with business and creative supplies and products straight from the Close to My Heart catalog. Valued at over $280 retail, the savings are incredible. With the addition of the Cricut Art Philosophy collection this month only, you’ll receive almost $400 in products for $99 plus shipping and tax.

Plus, all consultants now receive a free online shopping website, plus a professional customizable monthly newsletter to send to your customers, all free. The benefits of becoming a Close to My Heart consultant just keep getting better!

I’d love to tell you more or answer any questions you might have. Contact me! You can read more about becoming a Close to My Heart consultant on my website, or go directly to join now.

Free Cricut Art Philosophy collection offer expires March 31. Don’t miss out!


Wendy Coffman said...

Best post about zombies ever!

jennifer farrell said...

that was a great blog thanks tresa

Heather R. Plotzke said...

Laughing so hard I can barely comment. Thanks for the fun inspiration

Dawn's Daze said...

Great job Tresa! When all of the other consultant ads start to sound the same you definitely know how to stand out in the crowd! If I wasn't already on a team I would join yours in a second!

Anonymous said...

I see you have had a variety of sign up specails and wonder if you have any coming uop for the next month or two?

Tresa Black said...

Hi Anonymous, I can't contact you when the comment is anonymous, but I hope you check back for the answer to your question. Consultant sign-up specials don't happen often, this is only the 2nd one in a year, but you never know, there could be something that Close to My Heart puts together for us. I'll have it posted on my blog and facebook page as soon as I get word. You don't have to wait for a special, the cost is only $99 to get started, and you can earn that amount back in your first gathering or workshop. I'd be happy to tell you more about it, contact me anytime!

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