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Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is a repost of my Fantastic Designer Friday feature on Lindy’s Stamp Gang blog. LSG blog card

Here in my corner of the USA, we’ve had a late start to our summer. After a few weeks of rain, the sunshine is out and the plants are growing like crazy. We’ve got these monster bushes in our yard that refuse to be tamed.


They’re in a need of a trim, but I think I’ll let my husband take care of that. I did my part… I snipped a leaf cluster for my LSG designer project.


The leaves are relatively flat, and the branch is very flexible, so I knew they’d be perfect to use as a mask for Lindy’s sprays.


I placed the leaves on white cardstock and sprayed over them with Magical Mai Tai Flat Fabio. I made sure to apply the spray from the same angle, almost directly overhead. This will give the clearest impression and prevent under-spray.


You can see from the photo above how the leaves are acting as a mask, but since the edges of the leaf are not flat against the cardstock, the line will be softer, not hard edged. This is perfect for a nature themed accent.


If your cardstock begins to curl while spraying, you may want to use something to hold it flat. This will prevent the leaf from shifting. I’m using the end of a paintbrush. Keeps my fingers out of the spray. Don’t want a hand-shaped mask!


Be patient and build your color slowly. The leaves will resist the spray and you’ll see the liquid begin to pool. You can let them air dry or blot gently with a tissue, being careful not to dislodge a flood of color onto your cardstock. Wait until the leaves are dry before lifting them from the cardstock.

Once your custom made creation is dry, it’s ready to use!

LSG blog card

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Sheila H said...

This is gorgeous - what an idea to use real leaves!

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