Studio J: Changing Colors

Friday, June 29, 2012

Another page from Studio J, and a little tutorial too!
Below is a darling page, designed by CTMH for my pre-convention “homework.” Capture

I followed the assignment and created the page, but when it came time to add my photos, I just didn’t have enough pictures that worked with the theme and color.

I do have three girls, and they are often very sweet. But I have a lot more photos that look like this:


instead of this:


So I changed up my layout by changing the colors and the accents. It’s so easy with Studio J (much easier than getting my kids to quit goofing around and let me take a pretty picture).

Check out my altered layout below, and scroll down for the paper-changing tutorial.


First, this kit begins with the Mischief papers. Very Halloween-ey.


Did you know? Studio J has tons of paper packs that aren’t in the current idea books? So if you’re looking for Halloween papers or Christmas in July, try Studio J!

After selecting my kit and my pattern, the page starts out like this.


For easier viewing, I’m just showing the left side of the layout.

To change the background paper to another color and pattern, first open the “paper” tab.

studio j tab

Drag the paper of your choice, from the sidebar, and drop it right onto your page. I changed the patterned paper in the top left box to a small grid paper. But it’s black, so let’s fix that.

studio j 2

By clicking on the paper you want to change, it will open a window with lots of options. Click on the paper icon.

studio j 3

Select the color you want.

studio j 4

The color will change as soon as you click on a square. You can change your mind over and over, until you find just the color you want. Crème Brulee it is.

studio j5

I also changed the damask patterned B&T paper from black to Sweet Leaf.

studio J6

You can also rotate the pattern on any of the B&T papers. This pattern is running sideways, so I want to fix that.

Just click on the paper and open that handy little toolbox. Click on the arrow that looks like a circle, this will rotate your paper 1/4 turn at a time.


After changing the remaining colors, here’s my basic page, ready for photos and embellishments.

And one more look at the finished page:


Creating this blog post took about one hour. Creating the Studio J page, not even half that time. Gotta love Studio J for making things faster, simpler, easier!


Helen said...

Love your masterpieces, love your YT videos... you have so much energy.


Mrs.Lewis said...

hey, that is my little cupcake :D

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