Bustin’ out more burlap!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Have I convinced you that I love the new Close to My Heart burlap ribbon yet? How about a bit more persuasion?

burlap box ribbon

Make a bow that stands up and says “hello!” At 3-1/2” wide, it’s going to get noticed.

You can tie a traditional bow with a knot in the center, but it’ll be quite bulky, so I chose to create a cheater version and just wrapped the center with thread, then attached a rhinestone designer brad.

burlap box

I used the new Clementine paper pack, and the Jardin stamp set. Both of these items will be available for purchase on my website Aug. 1. The card box holds cards or photos, find it here on my website.

Like the pen-holder? Yep. Burlap. Punch a hole right through the box and securely attach with a few stitches of strong thread or waxy flax, the pen holder won’t come off and you can use it as a handle to flip open the magnetic clasp.

Take a look at the lower portion of the box. Looks like burlap, don’t it? Universal background stamp set has a burlap pattern! I got the look and texture without the bulk by embossing in clear powder onto bamboo cardstock, then sponging Desert Sand ink onto the design, creating a resist pattern. Pretty cool!

burlap box pen

Banners are hot right now, and I love how easy it was to make one in burlap!

burlap you LO

Burlap banner CU

I folded the top over and zipped it through my sewing machine, but you can easily skip that part and adhere with adhesive. Snip the bottom notches free-hand for an imperfect look, like I did, or measure if you must. I love how the burlap ribbon doesn’t unravel until you want it to.

Don’t go all crazy with your adhesive when attaching your burlap. Just a few glue dots, or a swipe with your ATG gun will hold it down. Leave the ends free to give some added dimension to your project!

And just to prove that it’s not all about burlap, I also used the new bulk Colonial White Rosette Ribbon. So soft and pretty, and you can color them any shade you like using re-inkers.

burlap roses CU

Here’s another version of a pen-holder (below), perfect for the new Close to My Heart My Creations Canvas Journal.

burlap canvas book

Even the world’s sloppiest seamstress can handle this fabric, its open weave hides the ugliest stitches. Just try to match your thread to the burlap if you want to hide your handiwork. If you know a few fancy embroidery stitches, show them off with a contrasting floss color!

burlap book open

I lined the inside of this book with paper from the new Scholastic paper pack. It looks so perfect, you’d think that it came with the book.

Since our papers are cardstock weight and double sided, I couldn’t bring myself to secure down the left side of the page, and happily discovered that it looked perfect that way. Usually it’s a little difficult to get a perfect bond when applying paper across an inner fold, but by securing only the left page, it works much better!

burlap book open2

Proof that I’ve been on the burlap bandwagon for a while now….

Sixty burlap bags, all made by me, for the 2012 attendees of Creative University. Yes, I know my burlap.


New products will be released Aug. 1.

The products below are available now! Click on each photo to view the product and price.


Nickie Hoffer said...

Tresa, you are amazing. I wasn't excited about the burlap, but because of all your beautiful artwork I have crossed over. Thank you so much for sharing!

Lalia said...

LOVE your ideas! Love our burlap... it doesn't have that burlap smell... lol.

Amy Gehring said...

I love all the projects you have posted so far using this gorgeous burlap ribbon. I can't wait to get some of my own and start playing! Will we be seeing this at CU 2013??? :)

Tresa Black said...

@ Amy: we'll see about CU, you never know. And I won't tell you anyway, top secret stuff! *wink*

Jean M. said...

Amazing....I am going to give all of your ideas a try!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent:)

Amy said...

You really do know your burlap! All of your projects are beautiful and oh so "fabulous". You are always a motivator and inspire creativity!

Vicki Wizniuk said...

I love, love, love, love, LOVE this post! So much inspiration in one spot. Fantastic. ♥ TFS

Bren Yule said...

Hi Tresa, loved your presentation in Dallas. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Julia Brewer said...

BEAUTIFUL projects!!! Loving all of them. :-) And I'm not too far away from CDA (I'm a Montana neighbor) so I am going to keep my eyes on CU. I may need a weekend get-away to beautiful North Idaho! :-)

Romaine said...

Fabulous! I have loved burlap for several years and am thrilled that we have a burlap ribbon!

Mildred Hoback said...

I Love burlap! I haved made flowers, candle holders, backgrounds, gift wrap .....I love the old vintage feel. Beautiful ideas.

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