CTMH Convention Highlights

Monday, July 16, 2012

I just returned from Close to My Heart’s national convention in Dallas, Texas and my mind is still playing catch-up with all the excitement over the last 4 days.

It was a Rootin’-Tootin’ Good Time


My upline, Julie Reynolds, really loves her team.

Our days at convention were packed with information about upcoming products and changes for Close to My Heart. The energy is always high, with 1,300 consultants screaming and clapping with excitement at every morning’s opening sessions. Hilarious skits and videos by corporate staff had us all bustin’ a gut.

P7120571Kristine, Sven, Monica, Brian and Brian as the Craft-it family.

Moving Message from our Keynote Speaker

Stacy Julian is one of my personal idols. Founder of Big Picture classes, Simple Scrapbooks magazine, and all around nice gal, she’s even more special because we both live just a few miles apart.

Every time I hear Stacy speak, I’m amazed by her insight, her compassion, and her message to scrapbook from the heart.

Stacy created a video for our convention, you can watch it below. Have your tissues handy.

From Stacy’s Blog:

“My message is that time moves so very fast and most of the time we do too. But, we can choose (with practice) to slow down and to savor simple everyday moments. We can pull out our cameras and take pictures and we can live with these pictures and let them work magical things inside of us. Doing so will make us more grateful, more content, more aware and more happy. There is so much that is overwhelming and challenging in life. Efforts to capture and share your memories should be neither.”

Are you behind on scrapbooking? Take Stacy Julian’s Big Picture class, “Finish Line Scrapbooking” for FREE! You’ll create a completed scrapbook with 20 pages in just 4 hours.

Visit bigpictureclasses.com/finishline/php and use the promo code CTMH to redeem your free class. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2012.

More to Come!
I’ll be posting much more here on my blog this week, including:
* My convention artwork for the new accessories presentation
* New product information (including the exclusive new CTMH Cricut Cartridge!)
* New lower priced consultant kit
* New Studio J products and prices

Now how about just a peek of my convention presentation artwork?



Queen Bee said...

Tresa- You did a fabulous job on your artwork and presentation! I wish you would have had more time and a quieter room:) This was my 1st convention and I must say/sing "I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning"!

Joel and Amy said...

I love that burlap...when I saw in in the Idea Book, I immediatly thought of you. ~Amy

Kathy Burrows said...

Loved our visit on the plane to Denver after the convention. I'm looking forward to seeing your work here again on your blog. Thanks for everything you share.

Mary K. Parker said...

Thanks so much for the GREAT update! You captured the spirit so well! I cannot wait to see your full project!

Kandi said...

I didn't know you are in ulie's downline! Our unit is too. I participate in her Idea Book swap every new release. She's so sweet!

I can't wait to see your artwork here since I wasn't able to go to Dallas. I'm also going to check out the video you posted. Thank you as always for sharing. :)

Rae Rae said...

Your presentation on Saturday was Awesome! I loved your ideas for using the burlap. I took photos but I can't wait to see yours on this blog. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. By the way I also liked your artwork from the awards night. Very clever!

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