Do-Over, take two

Monday, September 17, 2012

If you read yesterday’s post, you learned that it sometimes takes more than one try to get something right.

I have a confession. I wasn’t too thrilled with the photo of my card. I was in a hurry and the lighting wasn’t that great, and even with some basic touch-ups in Picasa I was not a happy stamper. Excuses, excuses.

I stewed about it all night. Yes, I do that. Worry about a single photo on my blog, ‘cuz I love my readers so much I don’t want them to see a less than lovely presentation.

So let’s try that photo shoot again, shall we?

Do-Over photo of a do-over card…


If you need a reminder of the hideousness of the original photo shoot, here you go…..


Tomorrow, I’ll share another version of this same card, stepped up with layers and color.

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Kim Dewar said...

So I read the original post and thought the card was lovely. However, the new pic is definitely better. The purple background color and the yellow inside give the card a much brighter, cheerier ( is that a word?) appearance. Well Done!!

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