My top 5 halloween art projects

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No tricks, just a treat for Halloween! Here are my five fave halloween themed projects.

1. Batty suspension Card

Watch the video tutorial:

2. Pop-up Treat Holder

Watch the video tutorial:

3. Halloween House Votive Card

Read about the project here.

4. Zombie Scrapbook Layout

5. Halloween Cupcakes
Spooky, cute and delicious!cupcakes

Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Raising the bar for men everywhere, Brad proposes to Emily.

I’ve got Zombies on my mind

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seriously, all day, every day.


Let me explain. My son attends an amazing school here in Spokane. It’s an alternative middle school, grades 5-8, that focuses on experiential learning. It’s a small school, and my son is accepted there despite his Aspergers and Tourettes syndrome. I absolutely love this school.

For a couple of years, I have been helping with the school’s Haunted House, which is a major fundraiser. Last year and this year, I stepped into a leading role as the Creative Director. Oh boy. It’s a dream job, and I’m perfectly suited to it. I get to research and plan and create. If you know me or have followed my blog for long, you’ll know I have a very eclectic background. I’ve been an artist, a performer, a facepainter, a costumer, and worked in advertising.


I’ll tell you that this isn’t your average middle school haunted house that’s an afterthought attached to a school carnival. It’s extrememly scary, and we transform the entire two stories of our 100 year old building. Over 60 kids and adults perform in the haunt each night, and dozens more work in set-up, costuming, make-up and ticket sales. Last year the school raised $5,000. We’re hoping to break that record this year!

Beginning in the first week of September, we start by creating a theme and begin building the story of the haunt. I created a video to promote the haunt (below). Watch for my daughter, who was patient enough to work with Mom and pose as a middle school kid, even though she’s actually in high school.

I’m teaching a 6-week elective class every morning at the school, “Scare School.” About 20 kids are learning the science behind a scare, professionalism, safety and acting and voice training. We also work on props, sets, costume and make-up.

For those who couldn’t join the daytime Scare School, we held two after-school events this week, for about 65 kids. The actors in a haunt are the most important part, and they can make it wildly successful, or a total bust. So we put lots of effort into preparing our haunt performers.

If you live in the Spokane area and want to attend or volunteer, you can check out our Haunted House website HERE. If you’d like to purchase tickets in advance (just $5!) and save a few bucks from the door price, contact me.

Now you know about my dark secret. Forgive me for having…….

Zombie Brain Untitled2

I love you today because….

Friday, October 5, 2012

love you frame

Yes, I do love you, dear reader. And I love this bracket from from Close to My Heart!

love you frame4

The frame is part of the My Creations line of blank 3-D items, ready for altering. The white chipboard is perfect for stamping, painting or inking, or you can cover it with paper like I did. I used Avonlea level 2 paper and canvas complements for this creation.

love you frame2

The outer dimension is 11”, so it’s easy to use a full sheet of B&T paper to cover, without any seams. I attached my paper with mod podge for a secure edge-to-edge adhesive.

The shadow box portion is a full one inch deep, so lots of room to add some extra chunky embellishments peeking out from inside the frame. As an added bonus, I can store my chalk on the ledge inside, so it’s always handy!

The frame comes with an open back with corner pieces to hold your choice of filler for the frame. I cut a piece of mat board and painted it with chalkboard paint.

love you frame3I love these little paper butterflies, seems like I’m always reaching for them when I want to add a little spot of whimsy. They come in white with an assortment of sizes and patterns (including some plain ones). They ink up beautifully, so you can customize your butterfly with any color.

Just look at that beautiful blank canvas below. Your creativity awakens when there’s no limit - what projects you can create with this bracket frame?