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Monday, March 4, 2013

One of the classes that I love offering at Create U is jewelry, because many of the attendees get their first exposure to this art form at my event. I feel that it’s important to sometimes step out of your comfort level and try new things, but I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed. The projects are designed to satisfy those with more jewelry experience but also allow beginners to create their project while learning a new craft.

CU necklace

This year students created soldered glass pendants with wire wrapped bead charms. I used this year’s CU logo so that students would have a keepsake to remind them of all the fun and inspiration they received at Creative University.

Below you can see the gorgeous silver-plated beads, blue freshwater pearl and blackstone charms.


My instructor, Melody did a wonderful job of helping everyone. It’s not easy supervising multiple work stations, especially when there are burning hot soldering irons involved. Here she is wearing her special teacher’s-only Creative U apron.


If you’re interested in learning soldering, I highly recommend the Simply Swank kit from Rings ‘n Things. It is the same brand we used at CU and for one affordable price you get everything you need to start creating right away.

photos credits: Amy Kupperman, Nichole Lewno

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