Quick Tip: Backless Brads

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I love brads. They’re inexpensive, they add dimension and color, and they are so simple to add to just about any papercrafting project.

Except when you decide to add them after you’ve assembled your project. Not fun. Not simple. Layers of paper and stamping, already attached… how do you poke a hole in your masterpiece and risk ruining it all?

You can always use self-adhesive brads, which are becoming more and more popular. But if you don’t have any one hand, let me show you how to create Backless Brads using any regular brad (any size, shape or color will do).

This portion of my card (below) is feeling a little blah, it needs a little extra texture and I’d like to add some pink brads under the “Hello.”


Problem is, the card is already assembled and that’s a lot of adhesive, foam tape and liquid glass holding everything together. Tearing it apart is out of the question, and poking through all the layers is too.

First, cut off the prongs from the back of the brad. The metal prongs are very soft and can be cut with a variety of tools. Wire cutters or snips, or even a pair of old scissors (ones you won’t use for paper or fabric) will work. You may need to bend the prongs back and forth to break off the metal if the snips don’t cut through all the way.


After removing the back of the brad, you may need to flatten any protruding prong left behind. Again, any variety of tools will work, I like to use the flat side of my scissors. Just press down firmly on the back of the brad until the prongs no longer stick up outside the brad.


Finished backless brad.


Use glue dots or liquid glass to attach to your project.


Finished and fabulous!


Close to My Heart products used:
Hello Blooms stamp set
Chantilly Paper Pack
Kraft Cardstock


Lorrinda said...

This. Is. Genius.
I don't know how many cards I've torn apart to stick a brad in...
Doh! (read in Homer Simpson voice)

Lalia H. said...

That card is beautiful! Love your genius tip on the brads!

canadian_liner said...

Thanks for this tip, Tresa. I have SUCH a collection of brads stashed away, and like you, only think of adding them at the last minute... Now I know what to do! And they look JUST like those new flatter enamel dots you see everywhere...Genius!

Sheila Bennett said...

Beautiful card. Love all the layers and especially how you used the twine. Of course, love the pink brads too. :)

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