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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I’m absolutely fascinated with Google Maps street view. My son is a big google maps user, and he’ll spend hours exploring the world, “discovering” tropical islands and exotic locations.

The following pictures are all screen shots of our recent trip to Monaco. No, not a real trip, but it’s pretty cool getting to experience the freedom of exploring anywhere you want to go, as long as there are roads you can get there! Best part, it’s all free!

monaco cathedral

We were able to drive around town using Google street view, checking out the sights by panning the camera in a full 360 degree circle, which lets us see views like the one above.

My son likes yachts, so we had to go check out the marina.

monaco yachts

I thought a nice drive in the mountains would be fun. Look at the clouds rolling in over the hilltops.

monaco mountains

Down to the swanky shopping district for a little window shopping.

monaco street

We even had fun navigating through the narrow side streets. (Which would make me more than a little nervous if I were driving a real car.)

monaco alley

One more stop at the waterfront for the cruise ships….

monaco ships

and then it’s time to come back to reality. There’s laundry to fold and dinner to cook, not to mention homework.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll visit Rome.

Did you know that Google Street view can take you beyond roads? Travel by snowmobile, bike or even on foot! To learn more about Google street view, click here.


Blythe said...

Oh, think I may have to take that same trip today :-).

Marilyn Jo McLeod said...

I absolutely DID NOT KNOW this existed! How cool this is! I went and found my own house there! Time to take a "virtual" trip I guess.

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