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Friday, May 3, 2013


I am so excited to share the big news about! I am officially one of the Curious 100 teachers on this exciting new website, and I can’t wait to share my classes and tutorials.

Here’s the cool welcome package I just received a few days ago from


I even have my own business cards!


Right now my page has just two videos up, with a couple more waiting in line for publishing. You may recognize the videos from my youtube channel, but soon I’ll be having more content, exclusive to

Don’t worry, I won’t be abandoning youtube, there’s room for both venues. What I love about the idea of is that the site is only for learning, not for all the “other” stuff that sometimes gets in the way when you’re looking for instruction. Sure, I love a good cat video, or song parody, but when I want to learn how to salsa dance or how to grow asparagus, I’ll be turning to

But don’t just my word for it, read what the New York Times has to say.

I’d love to have you stop in and check out my page on

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