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Saturday, August 24, 2013

I’m crackin’ the code to more interactive scrapbook pages!

The strip LO

At the beginning of this month I shared how I used a QR code to create a clever birthday party invitation.

Smart Pages
You can use QR codes on your scrapbook pages as well! I created this layout about my hard-working husband’s preparations to build an airstrip on our land in Idaho.

When the runway was ready, my husband shot a video of a take-off and landing. Seeing the video gives you a much better experience on what it’s really like to get into and out of our little airstrip. Check it out: you can scan the code below with your smartphone, or click on this link to see where the code will take you.
the strip QR

Two Ways to View 
I used a free QR code generator and printed it onto cardstock. Since not everyone has a smart phone, I also included a shortened link to the video below the code, which allows the reader to view the video on their computer or laptop without having to scan a code.

Print & Embellish
Once the QR code and link are printed out, treat it like any design element on your page. I inked the edges and added a stamped “GO” image plus a little square of patterned paper to create an accent cluster that works with my page design.

More Ideas 
You can link up a QR code to just about anything that is on the web. Some ideas to consider:
A video of a school concert
A voice recording of your baby’s laugh
A slideshow of your summer trip
Your wedding song
The website of a vacation resort you visited

the strip close

Try to choose a place to store your photos, videos and sound recordings that will be easy to access and has privacy settings. I like Microsoft skydrive or youtube, but there are lots of other places to store your files.

Creating engaging and interactive scrapbook pages with a little hi-tech know how can be fun and rewarding when you know the code!


Kathy said...

Okay Tresa, this is simply GENIUS! Love it, thanks for the inspiration,

famillemarleau said...

Great idea. Love this. Thanks for sharing, Johanne L.

Casandra Bennett said...

This is so cool. I love the concept. My daughter has said she would really love an I-Phone. I think I may have mentioned before that she's just 5. I do not currently own a "smart phone", just a regular one I can call and text on, and take pic's with, but nothing fancy. But the thing I thought was the coolest, was seeing the dozers on your scrapbook page. My family owns an excavating and trucking business, so I've been playing on them since I was pretty small. Thanks for sharing another great scrapbook page with us.

Ronah said...

Great idea Tresa, I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

Katy said...

Absolutely LOVE!!!!

Liliana said...

Ok I was just thinking this weekend how innovative your CTMH album was back in 2011(?). but this takes the cake. I take so many pictures with my phone and they don't print very crisp with a QR code I could link to my digital account and still play with paper. I LOVE IT!!!!
Thanks so

James Hall said...

This is a great idea! I just learned about QR codes recently and I have been trying to get in the habit of using them whenever I can.

Can I ask why you use

Why not use a site like and then you can add color or a logo to the QR design?

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