Top Reasons to Attend Creative University, #2

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Creative University is open for registration, and I’m counting down the top 10 reasons to attend CU. Won’t you join me as I celebrate what’s new, what’s returning, and what makes Create U so special?

Number two on my list is the FREE TIME you can enjoy at Creative University.

time is free

I love the balanced schedule that you get at CU. It’s a great mix of creative classes, meals and activities, with free time to do your own thing.

If you’re anything like me, you occasionally want to get away from the busy schedules, the constant demands of home, family and work. But I also need inspiration and stimulation, and I find that some retreats find me antsy and distracted after a day or two of nothing to work on but my own projects.


I designed Creative University to have time to work on your own, but also enough scheduled activities to keep students engaged and inspired.

If you choose the 4 day package, you get one full day and a half to settle in, get your own space set up and work on anything you choose. By day two, you get to enjoy a self-paced class in the afternoon and after a delicious dinner you’ll be eager to get busy with a creative class in the early evening. Saturday you can stay busy with a morning and afternoon class, creating and sharing most of the day if you choose. Saturday night everyone is ready to relax and get back to their own projects, or finish up their classroom projects on their own time. It’s also the last night of Creative University so there’s plenty of time for late night hijinks and sisterly bonding with your CU friends.


If you’re looking for a slower pace, you can come to CU and work exclusively on your own projects with no interruptions for classes and activities. In years past, Creative University was all inclusive, offering one set price for all lodging, meals and included classes with your tuition. Some of the attendees preferred to work on their own and would not attend classes, but there was no discount on the price, everyone paid the same amount. This year, pick your schedule and pick your price! This is perfect whether you are looking for inspirational classes, or lots of free time, or a little of both.

Creative University welcomes crafters of all types. Scrapbooking and stamping will be the focus of most of the classes, but if you are a quilter, knitter, mixed media artist or jewelry maker, you’ll feel right at home. Bring your supplies and tools, enjoy your free time to pursue your passion and mix & mingle with CU students from all over the country.

This is the perfect opportunity to plan a group get-together. Invite your friends and family, each person can choose what level of craftiness they will enjoy. Your sister-in-law may want to come to CU and knit the night away while your best friend wants to learn scrapbooking along with you. If you are a consultant for CTMH or another papercrafting company, consider inviting your team or customers for a perfect getaway.

Groups of 6 or more can request their own private cabin, so gather your buddies and register now!

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