Prom Dress Panic

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sometimes when things go wrong, it’s for the best. Like when you order the top half of your daughter’s prom dress and start sewing the bottom half… and the top decides to take a tour of the USA instead of shipping directly to your home.

Here’s the result of our scramble for a new plan…

Pretty nice, eh?

Here’s the story. My daughter loves funky fashion and alternative styles of clothing. She pairs combat boots with mini skirts, or army fatigue jackets with sparkly leggings. I love her quirky style. So for prom, we wanted something unique. I found a black and white damask patterned corset top on Etsy, which we thought would look perfect with a gauzy black skirt that I could easily make. The corset had to be shipped from overseas, but the website said delivery would take 7 to 10 days and we had almost a month, so we had plenty of time. Or so we thought.

Meanwhile, I got started on the skirt. A trip to the fabric store ended up with our first change of plans. My daughter nixed the idea of the black ballerina-style skirt in favor of a red satin that she fell in love with (and I did too). The color combo would still work, a black & white top with a red skirt. I did have to commit to a much bigger sewing project, since the new satin skirt required yards and yards and YARDS of material, and it was definitely more complicated to sew. Luckily, I’ve done this before.

Let the cutting commence. This is just one side of the back half. That’s a LOT of fabric.

Prom dress cut

As I worked on the skirt, we received notice that the top half of the dress was on its way. It took just a few days to arrive in the USA but then the problems began. I was able to track the package once it arrived in California, the first stop. Next stop… our home state of Washington, right? Nope. It ended up in Alaska. For more than a week. Moving from zip code to zip code, it bounced around Alaska with no explanation. All I knew is that my daughter might end up going to prom in a red satin skirt with a tee shirt on top.

Going into panic mode two days before prom, I knew I had to do something. I hit the second-hand store and went straight for the formal wear. Most of the items there are worn only once, but they are often out of date. I lucked out with this dress:


The skirt was cheap and matronly, but the top was perfect. A quick alteration to remove the skirt and change the back, and we were set. I can’t believe how well it went with the skirt I had created, it was like it was made for it.


End of the story: things will always work out with a little creativity.

Oh, and the corset arrived the day before prom. We’re saving it for another time.


Karen Pedersen said...

Whew! You did a great job in panic mode!

Nancy Ball said...

Wow, what a beautiful job you did on that skirt....amazing what a person can do in "panic mode"! Your daughter looks beautiful and sweet with her date!

Amy Gehring said...

I can't believe you were able to find something that matched the skirt so perfectly! You did an awesome job. Your daughter is beautiful!

Donna Davis said...

Just Beautiful!

Shelly Nemitz said...

Wow ... Just wow! I'm going prom dress shopping tonight and praying we find something that won't need a hem because there are zero sewing skills in this house. This is fantastic!!!

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