Thanks to Teachers!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It’s teacher appreciation week, time to say a big thank you to all who have helped you learn something new!


Last week, Curious celebrated their 1st public birthday. A little over a year ago I became one of the first 100 curious teachers, and now they have over 1,000! I’m thrilled to be a part of a website that promotes life long learning in so many different subjects.

Not only am I a teacher for Curious, but I am also a student. I have been taking part in the Curious 52 challenge, and I have been having a ball learning everything from Salsa dancing to French phrases of love.

I’ve earned some nifty gifts just for participating and even have the chance to win a free ipad mini, but best of all is the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and try some new things, all for free.

I learned how Champagne and sparkling wines are made.

sparkline wine curious class

Some of the lessons are a great family activity. My daughter helped me try out my pie baking skills.

apple pie curious class

Other lessons are really helpful. I’m not a domestic goddess but I learned a nifty way to clean my washing machine.

washing machine

I also tried a Pilates workout, learned how to introduce myself in German, and made a duct tape wallet, plus many more.

A Gift for Saying Thanks
Want to say thank you to a teacher AND get $5 to spend on curious lessons? It’s as easy as sending a tweet and an email.

From Curious:
If you publicly recognize a Curious teacher via Twitter, we will give them a $5 tip on your behalf, and also give you $5 to spend on any of their lessons.
Here's how (you will need a Twitter account):

  1. Send a tweet in the rough format of: "Thanks to @curious teacher @summertomato for being awesome! #iamcurious #thankateacher"
  2. Link to their Curious teacher profile at
  3. If you don't know the teacher's Twitter handle, just use their Curious teacher name.
  4. Email your tweet to so we can credit your account $5 of coins.
  5. We will tip the teacher $5.

Here are some of my favorite curious teachers:
The O’Neil sisters (crafty goodness in a variety of materials)
Phillip McCordall (photography tips)
Honeysuckle Catering (fresh, delicious cooking recipes)

You can find my curious lessons here.

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