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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I’ve been holding back. Close to My Heart introduced the My Crush books one year ago, and I promptly purchased two for my own… then set them aside for “some day.”

My Crush books are 10” x 7” scrapbooks with 60 full-color pages in a wire-bound, hardcover book. They are a quick and simple solution to scrapbooking. With no rules or requirements, they’re an “anything goes” type of scrapbook. Just attach your photos, ticket stubs, lists and any other ephemera you collect, add your journaling and you’re done!

My confession: last year’s books sat in my to-do pile and collected dust. I thought I was saving them for the right time, for when I might need a quick book, or when I had a subject that would fit them perfectly.

Fast forward to this year, when I was selected to teach at Close to My Heart’s national convention. My assigned subject: the newest My Crush books.

Bad news: I hadn’t used the books I bought from last year.

Good news: I finally had a reason to really explore the possibilities the CTMH My Crush books.

Even better news: permission to destroy the books in pursuit of as many creative ideas to use the entire contents of the My Crush collections.

Oh boy, did I have fun.

This month I’ll be sharing my artwork from my extravaganza presentation, plus some great ideas that will help you fall in love with the My Crush books too!

Wildwood crush book

First project I wanted to do was a more traditional use of the book (but with my own fabulously artsy spin), so I decided to create a scrapbook of the Caribbean cruise my husband and I took in March. I had a lot of photos, and not all were really “scrapbook worthy” but I wanted to put them all in one place.

Wildwood crush book-004

I chose the new Wildwood book with the blue, green and kraft color scheme, and its nature inspired designs. You’ll be able to purchase this book beginning August 1st on my website, along with the other newest My Crush book, In the Pink.

Wildwood crush book-001

Along with over one hundred photos, I had a lot of journaling in the form of a daily diary, plus lists and maps of our trip. I was able to easily fit all this into my book with just a few clever alterations that I made.

My Crush wildwood

I added pocket pages to hold my journal pages, plus fold outs, flip ups, and several more types of interactive scrapbooking elements.

Wildwood crush book-003

The book came together so quickly, even with the additional alterations. All of the interactive elements make it fun to flip through, and I used very simple techniques that anyone can duplicate.

Wildwood crush book-002

If you’d like to see some tutorials on some of the interactive techniques so you can alter your own My Crush book, make sure to check back here on my blog soon.

I’ll also be sharing much more from my extravaganza class all this month, including scrapbook pages, mini albums, cards and more, all using CTMH My Crush books!

My Crush wildwood open


Linda said...

Looking forward to seeing what you did with the crush books. And learning some of your techniques. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

Your presentation was so much fun! I am anxious to take apart my book that has also been collecting dust. I have a Crush on the new In The Pink set. Love.

Debbie said...

Been SMASHING forever..... Now I'm CRUSHING! Love! Can't wait to see more!

<3 Debbie

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