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Friday, August 1, 2014

swell mini cover
I still have so much to share about the My Crush books from Close to My Heart! In this post I’ll show you how to create an adorable ultra-mini album, using the papers and binding rings that come in the In the Pink My Crush Book.
swell mini
Today I’m joining other Close to My Heart consultants to celebrate the release of the brand new Annual Inspirations, Close to  My Heart’s newest catalog format. New products, papers and stamps galore, all available now on my shopping website! View the catalog or purchase your own copy here.

You’ll find lots of inspiration using the newest products on the CTMH Blog Boosters hop. After you have learned all my tips for using the My Crush book to make your mini, you can scroll to the bottom of this blog post and find many more ideas and artwork by my fellow CTMH consultants.

Let’s get on with the tutorial!
swell mini graphic
For this album, I chose the In the Pink book My Crush book. Each books contain 30 sheets of 7" x 10" double-sided heavy cardstock, printed with coordinating patterns. They are not matchy-matchy, which I totally love. I like how the eclectic mix of papers allows you to pick and choose when you want to only use a handful of the patterns for a smaller project.

The book comes in a Kraft hardbound cover with a wire binding. But you don’t need to keep it that way.

That’s right, I want you to “destroy” your book.

Are you gasping with fright? You can do it, I’ll hold your hand.
Removing the Pages 
The spiral binding is easy to remove from the cover. Use your fingers (no fancy tools required!) and spread the wire apart. Just enough to get the pages out. Then roll the entire binding right out of the cover. It’s not attached, it will come out as easily as the pages did.

See, that wasn’t too hard, was it?

You now have 30 beautiful pieces of 7” x 10” paper to do with as you please. Cards, scrapbook pages and projects await you.

To create your mini album, you can just cut the pages using your paper trimmer, making sure to include the hole-punched edges so you can re-place the wire binding. Use edge punches, corner rounders, and choose any size you like for your book.

If you’d like to get a little fancier, you can cut your pages on the Cricut. I used the Close to My Heart Cartridges, mixing and matching my shapes for a funky layered look.

Cutting your Pages on the Cricut
To make sure that you will include the hole-punched edge on your pages (and not accidentally cut it off – whoops!), I recommend cutting a sample or two.

Using scrap cardstock, cut the shape you want at the size you want. I chose to create a 4” mini album, so I set most of my shapes to 4”, but I also wanted a layered look so I didn’t stick with that size every time. It was fun to just play around and see what I could come up with.

Leaving your test shape on the cricut mat, position your My Crush page over the shape. You’ll see above that I made sure that the holes in the page would be included INSIDE the shape. If I would have positioned the page all the way to the left side, my holes would have been cut off or cut open. And we can’t have that.

Peel back your page and remove the test shape.

Reposition the page and cut your shape again. Perfect placement!

Now, repeat, repeat, repeat, until you have enough pages for your mini album!

Assembling Your Mini To assemble your mini after you have decorated your pages, just use wire snips to cut a portion of the wire binding, put the pages back onto the wire and squeeze closed with your fingers. It’s not rocket science, but you’ll feel like a genius.
swell mini-002
This mini only used a small fraction of the pages included in the In the Pink My Crush book, so you can make multiple books or use the leftovers for cards and scrapbook pages.
swell mini-005
swell mini-006
swell mini-007
I hope I’ve inspired you to think “outside the cover” and consider getting a My Crush Book for yourself to cut apart. I’d love to hear your comments on what new Close to My Heart products are your favorites!
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Now if you’d like to get more inspiration on using the newest CTMH products, click on any of the thumbnails below! Check back daily until Aug. 7 for new blog hop entries at the bottom of this post.


Andrea said...

So sweet!

stampin' diva said...

Crazy great out of the box idea!!

Tresa Black said...

Andrea, thank you, I'm glad you like the mini!

Tresa Black said...

Stampin' Diva, thanks for the comment! These minis are so quick and easy, you should try it!

Jenifer Benner said...


Melissa Robinson said...

LOVE the mini album and thank you for taking the time to share the "how" of creating one on our own! It's DARLING!

Tresa Black said...

Jennifer, thank you so much!

Tresa Black said...

Melissa, it's my pleasure! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

Michele said...

I can't wait to show this to my Granddaughter. Taking things apart and making it hers is what she loves!
Thanks for letting us know your secrets!

Lori Allen said...

Lovely as always!

Tresa Black said...

Michelle, Thank you for your comment! I hope your granddaughter has a great time creating her mini. Have her post the finished project photo on my facebook page!

Tresa Black said...

Lori, thank you very much! I love makin' minis!

Lauren Moore said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, I was just discussing taking the book apart with my sister so much so I will definitely be sharing this with her!

Tresa Black said...

Lauren, Thank you for the comment! I hope you and your sister have a great time crafting with My Crush!

Haley D. said...

I am totally crushing on your mini album! Thanks for being the hostess with the "most-est" for this fabulous link up!

Nancy Ball said...

LOVE your mini album and THANK YOU for setting up this amazing HOP again!

Paige Dolecki said...

I literally dug the spiral I recently removed from a My Crush book out of the trash after I saw your post! What a clever way to change things up and re-use those spirals! Thanks for hosting the linky party and for the kind words you left for me on my blog. You put the fabulous is Fabulously Artsy!

Helen Gullett said...

Tresa, you always inspire me! This is very creative idea of using the album! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial.

Tresa Black said...

Haley, I'm so glad you could join our hop! Love your art, as always!

Tresa Black said...

Nancy Ball, thank you for the comment, and thanks for all your entries to the hop! You've been a busy girl!

Tresa Black said...

Paige, I'm happy that you hadn't taken out the trash yet. Dumpster diving for your scrapping supplies! LOL!

Tresa Black said...

Helen, thank you for your kind comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

Pam said...

Tresa, WOW! Just FAB-U-LOUS! I'll admit I would never think to take it apart! I would try to find a binding or use ribbon or something else to make a mini album. Your creativity amazes me! Thanks so much for your tutorial on how you made this & a huge thank you for once again setting up this Blog Hop for us! I was a little late on getting my posts in, but I did, yea! :o)

Katy said...

GENIUS!!! I always LOVE your CREATIVITY!!! Always thinking outside the book...I mean box!

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

At our house, it is "the summer of the bride" and I am using My Crush Bluebird for wedding gifts! Using cricut and stamps, I'm creating an easy album for the brides to keep their first year of marriage memories.

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

This blog hops is the cat's pajamas, Tresa. You are such a creative FUNN gal! Thank you.

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