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Monday, August 25, 2014

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I’ve been stamping a long time. But I wasn’t always a stamper, and when I first started out I spent a lot of time learning about products and techniques. I also wasted a lot of money on purchases that I didn’t need to make, and ruined projects because I didn’t know better.

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Whether you’re a new stamper or have been at it for decades, I hope that  you will enjoy my latest project. I am creating a new series of video lessons called Start Stamping!

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The course will take you from understanding basic supplies and how to care for and store your products, through techniques and tips for getting the most out of your collections. I wish I would have had something like this when I first started stamping!

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Each lesson is free for a short period of time, so if you're quick you can watch them for no charge! After a short time the lessons will have a small fee to watch, and once I have completed all of the videos the course will be bundled so you can save by purchasing all the lessons together.

If you’d like to stay updated on my lessons as they are released, make sure to check back here on my blog so you can enroll in the lesson while it is free.

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These lessons are speedy and entertaining, but don’t let that fool you. Because of the magic of video editing, the lessons are between 10 to 15 minutes, but they would be a 1 hour class if I offered it live in person or on ustream. Because I can condense the information, you’ll get the maximum amount of information, presented in an easy to follow format. Pretty sweet!

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The lessons are broken into sections, so even if you don’t have the full 10 minutes, you can watch one section and come back to the next when it’s convenient for you. Once you have enrolled in the class, it is yours to watch as often as you like… forever!

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Watch episode 1 of Start Stamping! by clicking here or on the photo at the top of this post. You’ll need to register for a Curious account, but it’s free… and so is this lesson, so get started stamping now!

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