How to Get More Looks with Border Stamps

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pinterest borders

Border stamps are one of those essentials that add that little extra something to your projects, but they also can be forgotten because they aren’t the star of the show.

In my latest video lesson for Curious, you’ll learn to look at your border stamps in new ways with simple techniques and ideas get the most out of the stamps you already own.

borders curious4.BMP

If your idea of making a border stamp look different is to change the ink color, you’ll find many suggestions for making your border stamps wider, thinner or using them as backgrounds. I also include a detailed tutorial on how to miter corners when making a border frame.

borders curious7

All of the techniques in the lesson use simple materials that most papercrafters already own. This video, along with the others in the Start Stamping series, is designed to give new life to your existing products without complicated techniques or an expensive shopping list.

If you enjoy my goofy intros and bloopers in my videos, I think you’ll really like this particular one. Nothing like a little cross-dressing in public to test how brave you are.

border guard

The next time you’re ready for a stamping session, you may want to head for the border!

Enroll in Creating Custom Stamped Borders now! Watch the free preview for a lesson introductory, class price is just $1.99. Thrifty tip: You can save and purchase your curious credits in advance and get more for your money!


Sheila Bennett said...

Love your card. Great use of those border stamps!

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

Border patrol! Brilliant and a great lesson, too!

Tresa Black said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like the card!

Tresa Black said...

Mary, thank you for watching the lesson, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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